Buying my first ANALOG CAMERA (and shooting my first roll of film)

Buying my first ANALOG CAMERA (and shooting my first roll of film)

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This is the first episode of my analog street photography series.
Link to the Canon AE-1 that I bought:
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In this episode, I buy my first film camera and shooting my first roll.
List of my photography gear:

Going from digital to film photography was a bit challenging. As you see the video I’m having some trouble with getting my focus right and exposure. But I actually thought doing film photography would be a lot more difficult.

The camera I ended up buying is the 35mm Canon AE-1, the Pentax K1000 was also a good option for me, but I really like the all black design of the Canon AE-1 and it seemed like both cameras are great options for a beginner.

The lens is a 50mm which I think is perfect for street photography and portraits. The first roll I bought was the Kodak Color Plus 200.

#filmphotography #photography #analog

Thanks to Wesley for helping me pick my first 35 mm film camera!

I want to make a series of me doing film photography, I hope you’re cool with that!

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