Painkiller | Dark Comedy Short Film | MYM

Painkiller | Dark Comedy Short Film | MYM

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A short dark comedy which sees street-smart Dominic’s armed robbery of a convenience store goes wrong when he crosses paths with hard-working Jay, a taxi driver with nothing left to lose. Mutual contempt soon turns into a kind of understanding, but not without some pain along the way.

Starring: Benedict Wong (Sunshine, Moon, Top Boy) - @Wongrel, Franz Drameh (Attack the Block, Edge of Tomorrow) - OfficialFranzD, Kris Saddler - @Kris_Saddler, Daphne Cheung and Henry Wu

Writer: Selina Lim - @Muppet0013
Director: Mustapha Kseibati - @TashCurly
Producer: Michael Berliner - @MichaelBerliner

#MYM #ShortFilm #Comedy


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