Product Description ways to dramatically enhance training. Each game is self-contained and provides all the necessary instructions and materials. Providing a training session? Setting up a project team?

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Description 0. Each game is self-contained and provides all the necessary instructions and materials. Features games suitable for a wide variety of training programs. Every game is self-contained, providing the arms of the game, instructions, materials where needed, and even a space for your personal notes. Each game type is easily identified by graphic symbols, so you can quickly locate the games suited to your particular training needs.

Games material can be easily copied for use as overheads or handouts. A unique index gird readily identifies the uses of each game, so you can tailor a series of games to suit your exact training needs. Too Many Solutions? Relay 3. Human Machines 4. Garage Sale 5. Clear The Deck 6. New Ideas 7. Telling Lies 9. Introductions Signatures Join The Dots Brain Teasers Scavenger Hunt Brainstorm Destruction Action Plans Stretch Monitor Tied In Knots Common Words Beans Pass It On Building Blocks Put Your Jacket On Light Your Cigarette Stepping In Manipulation What Do People Want?

Capital Punishment The Word Game Spelling Bee Another Spelling Bee Team Task No. Pass The Microphone The Watch Face Relaxation Note To Me The Numbers Game No Laughing Shuffling Papers Cleaning Up What Do You See?

Smile Stress Budget Negotiation Our Greatest Fears Marooned Signs Balloon Ball Tortoise, Hare Or Thoroughbred Where Are We Now? Overcoming Fear Memory Test Say What? Room List Of Names Folding Paper Learning By Linking What Is It Circuit Overload Tangrams In-Tray Tennis Balls Having Fun My Worries Moon Explorer Problem Fall-Out Shelter A Case Of Labeling Faces Follow-Up To Murphy?

Them And Us The Brainstorm Clasp Your Hands Fold Your Arms Clowns Come Back Post-It Housie Participant Bingo Pick A Shape Where Did It Go? Post Me A Note Personally The Application Clap Time Line Orientation Quiz People Scavenger Co-operation Paper Planes Agenda Sample Observer?

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