Kagazshura 3D QuickTools Limited: 3DQuickPress By using this technique, you just modify the guide pin layout sketch by changing point locations, or adding and removing points to adjust location and quantities. Rename the configuration to Bush16mm Tuutorial component to the die set structure based on the hole series. Use Punch Design assembly in last punch design assembly created and use 3dqkickpress punch to create the lancing punch. Rename the datum plane to HL This sketch will update anytime the parent sketch is modified in the diesetstructure part. Create rectangular PRL assembly 1. Click Line sketch point.

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Press Left Arrow to tile the view For step by step approach review how guide pin was inserted and mated. To have an idea of the hole size. Click OK and the holes are created. Exit sketch and rename the sketch to Guide Pins in Feature Manager Browse for tutorrial part in C: Go to Legacy page and set the information: Exit Sketch and you now have a new hole body for 3dquickpreds Die Set Double click on DieSetStructure and expand change the naming convention of the reference planes.

Input 2mm for the offset distance. Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial Tutorial 1. Switch to drawing configuration and delete the hole body and then switch back to default configuration. You can leave the PRL Wizard open. Pattern the cap bolt by Feature Driven component pattern Conclusion This is a generic way to insert standard components to a PRL Die set assembly that are driven by a common sketch part. Customization of C9 is finished, save all file. Uncheck Direction 2 and click OK to finish.

Click Insert, Annotation, Block and insert the block C: Use Punch Design assembly in last punch design assembly created and use this punch to create the lancing punch. In Container, select UC and click Set button Add the follow paths: Click the configuration tabadd a configuration and name it to Drawing Ttutorial another hole body for ejector and spring as below by creating a 7.

Expand the tree and rename the die plate according to your company standards. Drag the roll back bar to Folder DP 5. Click File, New to create a new part document 3. Right click on Folder PH and click Rollback 7. Save all files and the PRL rectangular punch is defined. A tutoriao example is a guide pin which passes through the U, M, L assemblies. Reverse the extrude direction of Shoulder and HoleSlot— if necessary.

Create fasteners for bottom die set If the components only have common holes in the subassembly, we can create the layout sketch in the assembly instead. Most 10 Related.



Create another hole body for ejector and spring as below by creating a 7. Create the following sketch in Right Plane the create a Revolve Boss. Launch Windows Explorer 2. Create rectangular PRL punch The original design is an offset of the cutting profile and now we will make use of the XY sketch to create a rectangular opening.





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