What Is A 9 Line Medevac? Soldiers training on how to properly load a stretcher on to a Blackhawk. Image: Army. A 9 Line Medevac is not mandatory in garrisonā€”as in a civilian setting. There is a military version and a non-military one used, but for the sake of this article I will discuss the one used by U.

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Line 1: Date-time group DTG item was discovered. Line 3: Contact method radio frequencies, call sign, point of and combat casualty evacuation care. Line 4: Special equipment required, as applicable none, include initiation system RC, wire, command. Line 5: CBRN contamination. Provide casualty operation? Combat Training. Combat casualty evacuation care is rendered during casualty SIZE of enemy force actual numbers if possible. TIME and date of sighting use hour military time and date. EOF is defined as the sequential actions that begin with 1.

Stop the vehicle. Inform the occupants of the reason for the search. Respect is the overriding consideration in detainee handling. Spotlights, lasers, and pyrotechnics and may graduate to Regardless of what they have done, 4. Direct the occupants to get out of the vehicle.

Direct the driver to open all doors and compartments, to include the rules of engagement ROE. Search 7. Note: Use an improvised mirror device to search the undercarriage and computers, and documents. Inform the detainee of the other areas that are difficult to see. Look for signs of new parts, repairs, Use audible warning.

Be respectful; men search men and and new upholstery. Note: While conducting the search, look for any electrical wires that seem friend or foe.

Use visual aids lights, signs. Always photograph and w Under the left rear fender well and behind the wheel on personnel transport evidence confiscated equipment with the Law of War. If prohibited items are not found in the vehicle, release the vehicle to the Use deadly force. An IED is only results in late or early detonation and the likelihood that the enemy coalition forces.

Always conduct 5 and meter m check at any halt to avoid thrown, or failed to detonate and should be treated with IEDs are unpredictable and extremely hazardous to stopping near kill zones of an IED. Scan outward continuously at all care. UXO is still live and very volatile. Let them know you are ready: The enemy is looking for an all, including the bomber. Be aware of dual IEDs. Driver and gunner should remain inside the vehicle for security Untrained Soldiers should not attempt to demine, easy mark; he wants to get away.

Show him that you are not an purposes. Know the indicators bags, piles of rocks, piles of dirt in or beside the road. Report buried in the roadbeds.


9 Line Medevac: What It Is, What It Does, And 2 Real World Example Scenarios



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9 Line Medevac Card Printable


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