I choose this name before I realized there was a different, more well known program by the same name. If you got to this page by mistake looking for that program, try looking here for information about the other a2ps. This method evolved out of a program I got from Tom Solomon. If you have a program which creates black and white data on grid points, such as a cellular automata, I have written a program which can convert this into a PostScript format. That is, rather than plotting it on the screen you can create a PostScript file. The program is called a2ps, which evolved from mat2las which Tom Solomon originally wrote.

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Contact Us Printing using the a2ps command There are many reasons why you may want to convert a text file into postscript. For example you may want to put a postscript file on a web page, or print the document to a postscript printer, with specific postscript formatting commands. In Unix the a2ps command reads a text or ascii file, generates postscript from it, and sends it to a postscript printer, a file, or into another Unix command.

Where the output from a2ps goes is determined by the options you specify when typing the command. This document illustrates the basic uses of the a2ps command. The basic syntax of the a2ps command is: a2ps options filename Where options can be any postscript option see below for examples , and filename is the name of the text file to be converted.

To print a text file named a. The -l option in the print command explicitly tells the printer to interpret the input as postscript, and not to print out the postscript as text some postscript printers accept text directly. The following table lists several useful options for a2ps. There should be a space between the option, -P, and the printer name. A valid example of the -P option would be -P copyctr for the copy center. There is no space between the option, -l, and the number of lines.

Otherwise a2ps defaults to landscape mode if there is a space after the -l.. For a complete list of options, and more information on the a2ps command, type the command: man a2ps at the Unix prompt. Or access this man pages on-line as a web page: man a2ps.


a2ps(1) - Linux man page

Wednesday, January 22, Print text files with multiples pages per sheet a2ps is the venerable tool for formatting text files for Postscript printers. This post focuses on how to call a2ps to print multiple pages per sheet. For example, -2 is equivalent to 1 row and 2 columns. Valid shortcuts are -1 to Paper size North American a2ps users need to modify the output paper size. North America uses a different standard, and a common paper size is called Letter - 8. Printing A4 on Letter-sized paper results in text being cropped at the end of each line in the right column.



Moogugis In the order, they are: When printing a human file only English may be supportedspelling should be checked. North America uses a different standard, and a common paper size is called Letter — 8. There is no space between the option, -l, and the number of lines. The main limit on PreScript is that no command can be used inside another command. There is a general mechanism to avoid special sequences from being interpreted: As rootyou can send the output of Ghostscript directly to the printer without relying on a spooler or any further filtering with the command. This is very useful for making archive listings of programs.

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