Fesho Notice While reasonable efforts were made to ensure that the information in this document. Telephone User Guide and Models May Introduction — the and Telephone Your telephone provides many features, including a Phone screen for viewing and managing your calls, a History. The One Communications logo. If the softphone is awstra available, calls are routed to a substitute destination set up by the system administrator. Each party that will be dialing into the conference requires a port. If multiple parties will be sharing a speakerphone More information.

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Practical additional functions like Least Cost Routing LCR or call cost recording for caller-oriented billing of calls made on personal or third-party telephone terminals facilitate cost management and create more transparency. Call-barring or access-restriction functions are also available as additional cost-saving tools. In a networked system, the entire information flow and with it the productivity within a company can be greatly improved.

Aastra develops and markets powerful CTI applications and provides certified as well as tried and tested software applications, through a partner programme. For both simple and demanding applications in CTI certification guarantees uncomplicated and secure commissioning. This means quicker access, high efficiency and guaranteed reliability. Open standards and innovation facilitate communication and offer direct access to a wider range of telephony functions from any workstation.

This enhances the performance and reliability of CTI applications, regardless of whether the customer opts for a serverbased solution or a client PC-based installation variant.

The Aastra intelligently supports call centre solutions. Typical functions such as logging on or call wrap up are integrated into the system and are easy to use by extension users and agents. The emergency routing integrated within the system increases the availability of the overall solution even more.

It is perfectly suited to secretaries, receptionists or employees who handle a large number of calls everyday. Aastra OfficeSuite gives an overview of operations and supports efficient processing and control of all calls as well as information via the PC. Uncluttered User Interfaces The user interface is so clearly structured that even users with no prior knowledge find it easy to use and a tool that becomes invaluable.

Guaranteed communication is also essential away from the office, i. Aastra has this scenario covered too. Besides the integration of mobile phones into the communication network, Aastra softphones also provide mobile communications. Therefore no one has to do without their telephony functionality everything is available in the usual way. It means that phone calls are possible on the radio network, in WLAN areas in hotels, airport lounges and other public locations.

The advantage of this is that purely IP-based calls are free and connections to the public telephone network are usually much cheaper than via mobile phones, with immense benefits particularly when making international calls. Even outside the company premises, the communication system features conference call, call brokering and call transfer, etc.

No matter which handset the user has they are always contactable by colleagues and customers via the same number. Changes to the phone book and call list are immediately updated on all the handsets.

The specially designed, user-friendly interface gives quick access to the Aastra features and functions. Answering incoming calls, ring backs and teleconferencing can be controlled with ease at any time using AMC. With the personal availability profile, users can determine which handset they wish to be reached on and switch simply via the AMC menu. The functions are activated directly on the mobile phone and fully integrated using the software.

This option is available on selected GSM phones and smartphones. At Aastra, UCC means that various media, such as e-mail, fax, video and telephony are deployed together as a solution package.

This not only saves processing time, but also facilitates day-to-day work Need-oriented communication: some communication tools are more suitable than others, depending on whether the response required is immediate or not. E-mail is ideal for time-delayed communication. The same applies to chats, but here an earlier reply is expected. Video telephony, on the other hand, is real-time communication Better accessibility inside and outside the office, by integrating mobility solutions into the UCC application The Aastra presence-management functions intelligently combine an employees presence status with his telephone status.

This way, it can be seen at a glance whether to call the employee now or to wait until later. A further advantage is that video conferences require less planning than, for instance, travel by air or by train and can be organised at short notice A special feature of the Aastra is that UCC can easily be made available: via an optional application map with software already installed. Apart from call functions, e-mail, SMS and chat can also be used.

Video-conference and desktop-sharing functions are available too. The solution offers a wide range of team work options, including presence indicator and abbreviated dialling. The application has a modular structure and allows individual solutions to be put together. Installation and administration costs are clearly minimised due to a centralised and web-based architecture.

It is also possible to set up user groups with users from different locations and to connect the phones directly to the Aastra system via the existing IP based Intranet. This way even smaller company locations and homeworkers can benefit from cost effective functions.


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