History At the roots of innovations In Dmitriy I. Mendeleev, an ingenious Russian scientist who discovered, notably, one of the fundamental laws of the universe — the periodic law of chemical elements, put forward the idea to use a pipeline to transfer oil and products of oil refining. Not only he convincingly proved advantages of such means of transport against others, but also formulated the principles of its construction. The idea was born during his visit to the oil field in Baku where the extracted oil was transported to refineries in leather bottles and barrels on araba carts drawn by horses, camels or mules. It provided work to ten thousand carriers, but the transport really was worth gold. The price of each pood 16 kg of the extracted crude was 3 kopecks at the fields, whereas its transportation to the Black City of Baku at the distance of about 10 kilometers cost about 20 kopecks.

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Veolia Environnement S. Key Highlights Veolia Environnement S. The company offers comprehensive energy solutions in the entire conversion cycle, from purchasing energies entering an industrial site, to building new facilities or modernizing existing ones and selling the electricity produced on the market. It serves public authorities, local authorities, industrial and commercial service customers and individuals in Europe, Asia, Latin America, North America, Africa and the Middle Read more USD It is also engaged in oil and gas processing, power generation, wholesale and retail trade of petroleum products and related services.

Its refinery produces petroleum products that include liquid paraffin, aromatics, motor fuels, roofing and insulation materials, jet fuel, diesel fuel, bitumens and roofing materials. It operates its retail It offers natural gas and electricity to its customers. PGE procures power in wholesale market through short-term and long-term power purchase contracts.

It caters its services to residential, commercial and It is also engaged in the transportation, storage, and selling of natural gas, natural gas liquids NGLs and propane. The company also operates gathering and transmission systems and natural gas processing plants. It also operates a NGL storage facility in Michigan; fractionators; and underground salt caverns.

It owns and operates midstream gathering and

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