Overview[ edit ] Angelfire introduces Ellie Monroe, a teenager who discovers that the monstrous beings in her dreams, called reapers, are real. A boy named Will reveals that Ellie is the reincarnation of an ancient warrior known as the Preliator, continuously reborn after falling in battle to aid angels in their fight against the reapers. With each reincarnation, she becomes more human, though she fails to remember her past lives. Will also reveals himself to be a mystical soldier sent to assist Ellie, having served as her guardian for centuries. Wielding twin khopesh swords, and an immense power called angelfire, Ellie begins a slow journey of adjustment to her role. Moulton has also noted the influences of R.

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First of all, let me get one thing straight. So, in the beginning, I mean in the very beginning all that sexual tension was bearable. But then when the room was getting hotter Ava had to arrive and freeze everything.

No, not because she is so cool, but because she is so totally frigid that even thinking about her makes my teeth chatter, so I was like I remind you, this was in the beginning. As the story went on, things changed. So as we went on, my hatered toward her diminished. Sorry for the random order, but now come the sad parts of the wonder that Courtney gave us, and yes, by wonder I mean her novel. But then came Nathaniel and it broke my heart into tiny shards and as Will lost his head Courtney was just stomping on the pieces until only dust was left of my dearest organ.

When Bastian died I know I should have been kind of happy that the enemy died, but I was more sad than content, to be frank. Oh yeah, one thing I gotta say. And when Bastian revealed the truth, I was laughing in myself, because he just proved what a smartass I am. Though I really would have appreciated it if Ellie had told Will the truth. And now we arrived to the part where pink ponies neigh lullabies and uhh Just quickly.

Ellie is the character who is standing the closest to me. But she makes the decisions I would, she always changes her mind about things like I do, and! Because I was constantly getting my hands burned by the steaming hotness coming from the pages and wondering Seriously. That sexuality was overwhelming. I mean how freaking perfect and sexy that is?

Pulling it off just like that? And when things are about to turn really really interesting Ellie turns him down. But then That reaper bit him!!! And now he is dying And they only have one week to save him And something tells me they will only be able to do so in the very last moment. Because he cannot die. I would be in a moment. And Cadan has to be the one to help? Why do I have such a bad feeling about this one?

If he puts his things anywhere near Ellie But all in all, WotW can join my shelf of favourites of course, because it was freaking awesome! Thank you Courtney!


Angelfire Series



Courtney Allison Moulton



Wings of the Wicked


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