Any answers or opinions concerning Act may be revised through hearings, appeals, future enforcement or regulation. The Bureau may also revise these answers if it receives additional information. Is mandatory overtime for health care workers prohibited? Answer: Act prohibits a health care facility from requiring employees to work more than agreed to, predetermined and regularly scheduled work shifts. Employees covered under Act are individuals involved in direct patient care or clinical care services who receive an hourly wage or who are classified as nonsupervisory employees for collective bargaining purposes.

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When determining your alternative family size, include yourself and any individual in the tax family who qualifies as your dependent for the year under the rules explained in the instructions for Form or Form NR. You may include an individual who qualifies as the dependent of both you and your spouse in either alternative family size.

Example 1. Ron and Suzy got married in August Each of them had coverage under a qualified health plan for the months before September. Ron and Suzy can include Max in either alternative family size. Example 2. On June 10, , Rob married Tara. She moved in with Rob and Liam on June Each of them had coverage under a qualified health plan for the months before July. Rob and Tara can include Liam in either alternative family size. Example 3. Stacey must include Leia in her alternative family size.

Vince cannot include Leia in his alternative family size. Table A. Which Steps To Complete Answer the following questions to determine which steps to complete. Go to question 2.

Read Alternative Family Size. Then go to question 2. Complete Steps 1, 2, and 5. Go to question 3. Complete Steps 3, 4, and 5. Go to question 4. The instructions for Step 5 will prompt you to complete Worksheet V. Step 1 p38 Complete Worksheet I if there is an individual included in your alternative family size who was enrolled in a qualified health plan for one or more of your pre-marriage months.

Enter the amount from line 2 of Worksheet I 1. Enter the amount from line 3 of Worksheet I 2.


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As illustrated through case law, businesses within the same corporate group, [8] such as a business conglomerate, or within a single economic entity, [9] such as a multi-national company with subsidiaries, can be regarded as having an adequate connection to establish the presence of collective dominance. This reflects a narrow interpretation of what would constitute collective dominance for the purpose of art TFEU. An alternative approach to establishing a relationship between two or more entities for the purposes of determining collective dominance could include a broad interpretation. This would encapsulate legally and economically independent firms within a specific market with some type of economic link such as an agreement or a licence. Establishing Collective dominance[ edit ] Dominance, be it by a single entity or collectively by a group of firms, is not illegal or prohibited in EU competition law or under art TFEU.


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