Note: Older versions of Word are slightly different. In older versions of Word, the Options setting is located in Tools at the top of the page. Then scroll to find your Avery product number and click OK. If you want different information on each label, click New Document and then proceed to fill in your labels. If you use Microsoft Office on a Mac computer, you can easily import addresses or other data from an Excel spreadsheet or from your Apple Contacts and add them to Avery Labels, Name Badges, Name Tags or other products.

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How to get Calendar to send me reminders I have changed my e-mail address but for some reason I cannot get Calendar to send reminders to my new address - I think I have carried out all that is necessary to effect the changover but I am not getting reminders sent. Can anyone help please? Some recipients get the attachment, some get winmail. We are using Exchange and Outlook and have been for 8 months.

No previous problems with attachments. MS says that this is because the sender is using Rich Text to format the email. We have changed the senders to use Plain Text and still have the same problem. If the email is sent to several recipients, some will get the attachment fine, some will not.

Thanks in advance! The scroll bars that A Crystal Beginner I am using Crystal 9. Now I want to do against the CRM database. What do I do? No CRM tables. What am I missing? Install driver files with the same name Hello, We have multiple driver files with the same name which were provided third party. I am looking for a way to install the drivers. Because We want that the each driver are used in different applications. Is there any way to install the drivers without changing their file sames?

Printing Issue 3 I am trying to make an invitation using publisher I have tried saving them to the computer then using them and also copying and pasting and neither works. I also thought it might be because they were from the net so I used the orignals of a cd and it still did not print. They are being used as an image behind text but even without text over the top they still fail to print.

The advance print When I play cds and try to fast forward or fast reverse by keeping the fast forward or fast reverse buttons constantly depressed nothing happens. Why is this, and can anyone come up with a solution? What I want to do is increase the width height - up and down to fill in more of the page 8. Is this possible? Get paid while you get online!! I found a great Internet company - Cashfiesta. They pay you while you work or play on your computer.

They even pay you when your friends are using their computers. Unlike other companies, Cashfiesta gives you control over how much money you earn. They have an individual payrate based on the number of Special Offers you sign up for. As some of these offers are free, you can increase your payrate up to 33 times without spending a penny. When I try to install it, I cannot. Spreadsheet getting corrupted Hello All: I have a relatively large spreadsheet.

I am getting errors see after my signature line. What could be causing these errors? Is it that the spreadsheet is too large? Global PivotTable report information was repaired due to integrity problems. Currently there are two difference boxes that appear at random. Not exactly at random I do not believe there is a way to change this behavior.

Currently there are two dif Reg getting the next IV Document Number field! In the Item transaction Entry window, the Document number field defaults to the next document number when we move the focus to that field. I wanted to know if there is any function , or table that i can access to get the next document number in the new window that i am creating. In other words an external way of changing the table array rather than going into the formula. Get notified when Out of Office is on I am using Outlook With , when returning from leave, I used to get a notification that the Outlook out of office was still on and asking me if I wanted to switch it off.

This reminder no longer appears with How can I switch this setting on so that I get the notification?


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