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It is loaned for confidential use, subject to return on request, and with the mutual understanding that it will not be used in any manner detrimental to the interest of Basler Electric. Revisions are listed in reverse chronological order. Page 6 This page intentionally left blank.

Page 8 This page intentionally left blank. The BE Undervoltage Relay will detect this low voltage condition and trip. Critical applications requiring continuous motor operation and applications where overloads during start-up may be maintained for a given time period, usually have a definite time or inverse time delay characteristic incorporated to avoid unnecessary tripping during low voltage dips.

The model number, together with the style number, describes the options included in a specific device and appears on the front panel, draw-out cradle, and inside the case assembly. Page 11 Figure B; complies with the relevant standards of Gosstandart of Russia.

Figure illustrates a relay with the maximum number of controls and indicators. Your relay may not have all of the controls and indicators shown and described here. Figure Page 16 Output Test Pushbuttons. These pushbuttons allow manual actuation of the output relays. Output relay actuation is achieved by inserting a nonconductive rod through the front panel access holes. Undervoltage Pickup LED. A red LED that illuminates when undervoltage exceeds the pickup setting.


Basler BE1-27 Manuals

Yozilkree Accurate, repeatable, and reliable operation. This sensing configuration current, 15 A for 1 minute and A for 1 second. Page 12 With the many options and combinations of options goo Since the sine of Q equals the cosine of Q available, the Basler Electric Directional Power Relays relay can be connected to measure only reactive power can be adapted to multitude of systems and situations Refineries, telecommunications towers, factories, or any other industrial application, Basler products are the solution for the control and management of electric power. Whether it is a ship, bbasler drilling platform, or other marine applications, Basler products are the solution for the control and management of electric power. These relays provide a reliable response to protect power system equipment from adverse baslrr conditions. Factories, refineries, substations, and many other applications have entrusted Basler products to safely and efficiently control and manage the delivery of electricity. Basler Be Under Voltage Relay Explore your application to bbe where our custom transformers can be used.


Basler BE1-27 Manual

To return the substation to normal service upon the The 55 to V range is milliseconds or less. If the adverse voltage condition is specified. Page 11 "stop" signal when utility power decreased below a selected level. A definite time delay will generally be provided for the "stop" signal of one minute or more.

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