Wonderful to hear. And good to know that I have more to look forward to. Next, I guess Gentry will ask me to And Smith and I sure are messy.

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She loves to attack from behind. Not at all. I mean, from the outside looking in to the world of Malones I can assure you the aunts do not make it easy. But her Aunt Deirdre fears her effect on Meghan. On the day that the Marauder is playing? Her smile But think about it. Because something tells me That big, bastard bear was probably asking her out. She briefly wondered if she could get away with just lying to her aunts until after the wedding.

It would probably work with all of her aunts but Deirdre. She rolled down the window. Two, actually. Can you promise me that? And the second? What about pretend children? Oh, unless I need to dress up? Crushek stopped, looked at her. Cella shrugged. But by then the words were already out of my mouth And that had been four hours ago.

He seemed to be doing okay, although it was really hard to tell. The man so rarely smiled and around her dad he just looked sort of Poor thing. But Cella kept her eye on him, just in case he looked particularly miserable. That Mr. Crushek is very cute. I just think cats are better than everyone else. It makes me a realist. The woman wanted to make her look bad in front of Crushek, and in front of Meghan. And any other time, Cella would go toe-to-toe with the witch, but not this time.

Instead, Cella sucked it up, smiled, and found reasons to walk away. For the first time at any family party, Cella spent more time in the kitchen helping with food and doing the dishes than she did outside with her uncles, father, and godfathers. Kathleen walked in through the sliding door, more dishes in her hands. The bear. I have to admit, I was a little put off when he first walked in.

It was rude. I think he liked when you did that anyway. Cella rinsed soap off her hands and dried them. She was reaching for a bag of premade ice when the cold air around her shifted and she caught a scent. Cella lifted her head, took another sniff. She went to the standing safe she kept at the far end of the garage, punched in the combination, and pulled open the heavy steel door.

She took out a. A sound behind her had her spinning around, weapon raised, both hands clasped around the grip. But when she saw Crush, she lowered it. No one I recognize. Are they Group? And there are no bears in a ten-mile radius of any Malone property.

Being armed was just smart planning now that he was playing in her side of the pool. Besides, every Malone eighteen or older knew how to use a rifle. When questioned, they said it was because they went on hunting trips. Not like that anyway. Yet they always had rifles in their homes. That was just the way of things. Moving down the street, Crushek raised his hand and, with two fingers, signaled for her to go around the other side of the cars and SUVs that lined both sides of her block.

Again, she raised her weapon, as did Crushek, but as they got close, Cella saw her Uncle Ennis come out of his house. When he looked at her, she shook her head. He scowled in question, not understanding. But these were interlopers on Malone territory and they would be handled by the Malone men.

Cella shook her head. He nodded and motioned to his sons. They disappeared off the porch and into the dark, melding into the snow and ice-covered trees and buildings. Moving silently, quickly—and with baseball bats. They never had. A couple more of her cousins destroyed the windshield while Derek and Bobby dragged out the front seat occupants and their younger brothers pulled out the ones in the backseat. They were all bears. Big, dangerous, but stupid.

Stupid to come here. And there he held him while his brothers battered the other occupants with baseball bats and two-by-fours. They also kicked and stomped until the outsiders were nothing but bloody messes that were still breathing. Then, while the bears were shoved back into their vehicle, Bobby leaned in and whispered something to the driver. All in all, a good night, and yet no one mentioned the fact that four men had been severely beaten.

Everyone knew, but no one seemed to have an issue with it. It was just sort of Had they come for him? With her and Dr. I did. He saw that now. He also understood what Malone had been talking about. But her Aunt Deirdre was a bitch. She saw Malone as a threat. But from what Crush could tell She never does anything anyone would expect of her, either. Thank you.


Bear Meets Girl

Please note that any instance of my hero veering wildly from normal polar bear behavior is completely down to me and my edgy, barely-leave-my-house-to-walk-the-dog author lifestyle. The kind of pain that could kill a man. Maybe it had. Like warmed-over shit melting in the hot desert sun. The worst part about all this? It was his fault.


Bear Meets Girl Excerpt

The kind of pain that could kill a man. Maybe it had. Like warmed-over shit melting in the hot desert sun. The worst part about all this? It was his fault. He had no one to blame for this but himself — and those damn Jell-O shots.

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