Many training organizations shuffle their instructors from city to city. You just may get lucky and get a good one or, maybe not. Bill Calkins continues to improve his knowledge working as a consultant and Sr Level Administrator at Fortune companies around the country. He delivers seminars at technical conferences across the country. Then, when it comes to delivering his courses, he brings this experience to the classroom. He believes that there is simply no substitute for real life experience and this is especially true for instructors.

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Something went wrong. Please try your request again later. He has more than 20 years of experience in UNIX system administration, consulting, and training at more than companies. It began with the Oracle Solaris 2. Many of you have written with your success stories, suggestions, and comments. Your suggestions are always welcome and are what keep making these textbooks better with each new release.

I was managing 12 diskless clients networked to a few Sun servers running some very early version of SunOS- 4. I had to go back to school and "re-tool". After 12 years, I got a bit fed up with the corporate life and decided to break away and go out on my own.

I also understood, that to really get good in this field, I had to be exposed to many different environments and flavors of Unix. Therefore, I began my real training when I started Pyramid Consulting in providing Unix consulting and training services to corporations.

Where else do you get paid to learn! I began writing Solaris books in Why Solaris? The publisher was looking to fill the void on Solaris books and I thought "Why not a certification study guide". At the time there were countless books on Microsoft certification, but nothing on Unix. I had also just attempted to pass the Solaris cert exams unsuccessfully. In Solaris, there are countless ways to accomplish a task; many are correct, but Sun was looking for their answer- not mine.

As a small business owner, this was an expensive proposition. So I decided to write my own training guide. Not a cram book, but a book that really taught you the material. Something that could also serve as a daily reference guide. I consistently receive 5 stars on my training courses because I make the material relevent and understandable. Now, seven revisions later- we have a textbook that is perfect for those wanting to learn Solaris Administration.

I guarantee, every experienced admin will learn something from this book. I provide lots of step by step examples in my courses I call them mini-labs that are relevant to daily operations. Well, I personally have better things to cuddle up with, but to each their own. Enjoy the read and, whether you decide to pursue certification or not, good luck!


Oracle (R) Solaris 11 System Administration



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Oracle® Solaris 11 System Administration


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