Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Review By - October 17, The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera may look like a small, mirrorless, still camera, but we all know that looks can be deceiving… In , Blackmagic Design wowed us with its standard-sized Blackmagic Cinema Camera which set new standards in image quality and color reproduction at an unprecedented price point. This year, Blackmagic Design is pushing the limits again, this time bringing us a miniaturized version, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, that promises the same 13 stops of dynamic range as its big brother, but in a much smaller and lighter package. See our video tests here. This combination of the sensor and codecs brings up to stops of dynamic range, giving you much more detail in shadows and highlights than you might get with other DLSRs. The ProRes codec also features an enlarged colorspace compared to many other codecs used by cameras in this price range.

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Blackmagicdesign Blackmagic cameras Operation Manual

Any lens designed for a camera system that has a greater flange focal distance can be used on the GH5. From the table above, anything below can be adapted. On the other hand, Sony E lenses cannot be adapted. And a lot more. Third-party lenses come in their own lens mounts. So you need some sort of adapter that comes between the lens and the camera.


Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Review

Not only does this allow up to 2TB of storage for uninterrupted shooting, it provides immediate access to clips for editing. No additional downloads or transcoding! Within reach of the right handle are the trigger as well as a control dial for iris, a lever to capture still images as well as a double thumb lever for the white balance and autofocus. Three assignable buttons are atop the housing near the right handle as well as three buttons on the right rear for HFR, Auto-Iris, Zoom and Menu. A thumb lever on the left side activates Review. The underside of the housing has mounting points for use with the Tripod Mounting Ball Set PN removing the use for a bulky tripod plate. Zuiko mm F3.

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