Jul 06, Kristen rated it really liked it This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I liked a lot about this book. And a lot of stuff annoyed me too. The story: Taro is a young Japanese boy, living in a fishing village.

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Jul 06, Kristen rated it really liked it This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I liked a lot about this book. And a lot of stuff annoyed me too. The story: Taro is a young Japanese boy, living in a fishing village.

He is often teased by the other villagers and his one true friend is Hiro. One ninja is there to save Taro and does. Taro and hiro set off with Shusaku, the ninja who saved Taro. There is a wonderful cast of characters that we meet after that. The girls, Yukiko and Heiko, the abbess I am convinced there is more to her then we know - and her relationship with Shusaku , Little Kawabata and his father The reality is that the connection there is important to the plot, but not so much so that I really need to explain must else other then to say to be a ninja you must be a vampire.

So, the cover intrigued me I can totally be suckered in by a cool cover. Annoyed me: apparently this is the start of a series. I say that both seriously and sarcastically at the same time. In fact, I read a ton of them. But I like to know what I am getting myself into when I pick up a book. After finishing, and realizing that basically nothing was resolved in this book, I am left asking "how many books will there be?

But I really would like to know what I am getting myself into. A long term experience of 4, 6, Or is it going to be like a few of the YA series that I started, with the author telling us it will be X and then when we hit book X, there will be more which virtually always destroys the plot and story telling and each time that has happened, I have quit reading that series. I have found very little on the next book and that is disappointing.

Not to mention, as an author, I would think Mr. Lake should embrace the web the way so many other authors have Liked: The historical setting. Feudal Japan is intriguing and there is so much culture to explore that can be used.

The setting, with the cherry blossoms, the mountains And he is probably my favorite. I feel kind of like that happened accidentally. Liked: Ninjas! How awesome! Sword fighting, even a little bit about sword making. Need more!!! Annoyed me: The use of Japanese words in the middle of English dialogue, in italics, is pretty stupid.

So NOT necessary. Just as much potential as the boys in the story. Girl power : 7. Annoyed me: That the training to be a ninja was soooo fast. Training in the martial arts is a lifelong discipline. Bokken to live blade takes time, no matter how good one naturally is.

Liked: some of the philosophy that seems to come through. I have been training in a martial art for many years now. And I love it. And some of that seems to come across. There were times when I recognized things my instructor has taught me and I loved how it was blended into this book.

The book was a little predictable at times. There are limits to what is appropriate and what can be discussed. The predictability was a little easy to point out too - a few things would probably have been better had they been more subtle. Finally, I give the author credit for killing off certain characters - it takes some guts to kill of characters that readers might get attached to. And in that way, some of the predictability - at least of some things - is reduced.

Although the Lord Oda thing - saw that coming 30 seconds after Taro was turned, but, oh well. I did really enjoy the book. I am looking forward to Blood Ninja II and hope we get some resolution to at least a few of the questions in it. I like vampires and ninjas so I thought it would be an interesting read.

I was a little worried based on the title and the cover that this book would be too corny for me or a bit over the top.

It was neither of those. It was very well-done and, if anything, a bit too devoid of any humor. At least that is what he is raised to believe. He is in for a rude surprise I got this book through the Amazon Vine program.

He is in for a rude surprise when a group of ninjas descend on his house and murder his father. One of the ninjas, Shusaku, is different though and tries to save Taro.

Shusaku fails as Taro is run-through with a sword. Suddenly Taro must make a choice as his life ebbs from the wound in his stomach. Will he let Shusaku turn him into a vampire and "live" or will he die?

He chooses to "live" and suddenly Taro, his best friend Hiro, and Shusaku are off on a journey that will make Taro question everything he knows about the world and himself. There was a lot I liked about this book.

The amount of Japanese history dwelling within the pages of this story is amazing. Lake really did his research and gives great detail on various aspects of Japanese history.

It was fascinating to read about ninjas in the context of actual Japanese history. I am not sure how accurate all the historical details are it would have been nice for the author to include an afterward addressing this but they are well thought-out and seem to be well researched. The other thing I really liked about this book was the moral struggles Taro was forced to face and question.

Taro comes from a world where Lord Oda is god and samurai are the noblest men he knows, ninjas are to be despised as sneaks. Another thing I liked about the book was how ninjas and vampires were melded into one race. Lake did an excellent job of making this believable and not preposterous or over-the-top at all. It is all well done and very tasteful. I also enjoyed all the cool ninja tricks and action scenes.

This is definitely a book for the older young adult. As is often the case with ninjas, the violence in this book is pretty extreme.

The plot is very predictable. After the first couple chapters I was able to predict how the storyline would go. The characters themselves were also very predictable. Taro and his friends never have any fun.

The book in general takes itself a bit too seriously. So if you are looking for something witty or humorous this is not the book for you. Lastly this is not a stand-alone book. It pretty much stops right in the middle of the story with a number of things unresolved. Those who have read my reviews before know that this always irritates me; I think writers should be able to have some sort of ending in between books.

The other thing that irked me is that this is not advertised as a series, yet it is clearly the start of one. I spent a bit of time looking online and could not find any information about the rest of this series how many books, next release date, etc.

In summary I liked this book. The story is steeped in Japanese history that is interesting. The ninja vampires are well-done and believable. I thought the characterization was a bit weak and the story predictable. I was also disappointed it was so devoid of any humor.

Readers looking for humor and romance should look elsewhere. Readers interested in Japanese history, ninjas, and politics will find a lot here to like. Will I read the next book in the series? We will see. Feb 11, Monola rated it did not like it I wish this would have been translated badly over to english from japanese.

Atleast that would give this book an excuse for the crappy dialogue that has now infected my brain.



Mizil She was not far from the castle where her father, Lord Oda no Nobunaga, ruled his fiefdom, but she lae alone in this clearing, and for once could simply enjoy the feel of the horse kake her, and the clear country air around her. Nick lives with his wife in Oxfordshire. Many of the lovable characters died. Ironically he does describe things that are rather obvious or common knowledge.


Blood Ninja



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