Ple ase read t his manu al carefully before you us e the camcor der and retain it for future re ference. Change t he display lang uage before yo u begin CA Compact Power Adapter incl. Attach the battery p ack to the camcorder.

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Ple ase read t his manu al carefully before you us e the camcor der and retain it for future re ference. Change t he display lang uage before yo u begin CA Compact Power Adapter incl. Attach the battery p ack to the camcorder. Charging th Canon MVi - page 12 12 Using a Household Power Source Connect to a hous ehold power sourc e to use the camcorder with out worrying about the battery po wer. Y ou can keep the bat tery pack a ttached; t he battery po wer will not be consumed.

Connect the power cord to the power adapter. Plug the power cord into a power outlet. Actual time may be shorter. The cassette compartment opens automatically.

Canon MVi - page 15 15 Basic Functions Preparations E Installing the Bac kup Batter y The backup battery lith ium button batte ry CR a llows the camcor der to ret ain date, time 20 and other camc order setti ngs while the p ower source is disconnecte d. Connect a power source to th e camcorder w hen replacin g the backup bat tery to re tain the settings. T urn on th e camcorde r and keep the LCD panel closed. Pull out the viewfin der. Adjust the di optric adjust ment lever. Push the viewfinder back in.

Att aching the Lens Cap 1. Att ach the cord to the lens cap. Pass the grip belt thro ugh the loop on the c The wide attachment is f or use at maximum wid e-angle. Screw the wide at Inserting the Battery The wire less controller operates with a lithium button battery CR 5. Pull out the battery holder.

Insert the battery holder. Canon MVi - page 20 20 Setting the Time Zone, Da te and Time Set the time zone, date and time wh en you firs t start using your ca mcorder, or when you have replace d the backup battery. Press the MENU button to open the menu. T urn the SET dial to sel Press the MENU button to close the menu and to st art the clock. Once you have se t time zone, da te and time , you do not need to reset the cloc k each time you trave l to another time zone.

Jus t set the time zone to the one of your desti nation, and the camcorder au tomatically adjusts the clock. T ime z Canon MVi - page 22 22 Displaying Date and T ime during Recording Y ou can display the date and time in the lower l eft corner of the screen. Remove the lens cap. Open the LCD panel. When Y ou Less th an 0. This has no effect on the recor ded image an d does no t const Press the MENU button to close the menu.

Screen Displays during Recording Tim e C od e Indicates th e recording time in hours, minutes and seco nds.

Remaining ta pe Indicates th e remaining time of the tape in minutes. Canon MVi - page 26 26 Reviewing and Searching when Recording Record Review In record pause mode, this function allows you t o review the la st few seconds of your recordin g to check if it has been re corded pr operly.

Press and release the record review button. The camcorder r ewinds the tape, pl ays back the l ast few seconds , and returns t o record pause mode Optical Zoom Move the zoom lever toward W to zoom out wid e- angle. Move it toward T to zoom in teleph oto.

Press the zoom lever sl ightly for a sl ow zoom. Press harder for a faster zoom. Canon MVi - page 28 28 Digit al Zoom When the digital zoom i s activated, the camcord er automatical ly switches be tween optica l and digital zoo m. With digital zoo m, image resol ution be comes lower th e more you zoom in. T urn the SET dial to sele If necessa ry , support the camcord er with your left hand.

Be careful t hat your fing ers do not tou ch the microph one or lens. For More St abil Y ou can also close t he LCD panel with the screen facin g outward. Press the button to rewind the ta pe. Press the button to stop play Pr ess and hold the button duri ng normal play back or fast f orward. The speak er does not sou nd when you close the LCD panel. T urn the SET dial up to increase the volum e, and down to lower the volume. T urn off all devices before st arting the connections.

Connect the whi te plug to the whi te audio termi nal L left , the red plug to th Selecting Menus and Settings 1. Canon MVi - page 44 44 Recording Using the R ecor ding Pr og r ams Easy Recording Progra m The camcorder ad justs focus, exp osure and othe r settings automatically , allowing you to just point and sh oot. However , you have th e option of ad justing the set tings manuall Set the program selector to.

Press the SET dial. A list of the pro gram AE modes appea rs. Select a mode and pre ss the SET dial. The symbol of th e mode appears on the upper le ft corner of the screen.

In such ca se, adjust the focus manually. Canon MVi - page 49 49 Advanced Functions Record ing E Skin Detail Function When shoo ting close-up s of people , the camcorde r automatically s oftens de tails to reduce the app earance of ski n imperfe ctions for a more c omplimentary appe arance.

This allows you to c ompensate for backlit or over exposed sce nes. Set the program AE mode to a mode other than the Eas I n such case, focu s manually. Adjust the zoom. When you operat e the zoom after ad justing the focus, the subject may not stay in focus. Adj ust the zoom be fore the fo cus. Press the F Canon MVi - page 52 52 Infinity Focus Use this fun ction when you wish to focus on faraway subjec ts such as mo untains or fireworks.

Canon MVi - page 53 53 Advanced Functions Record ing E Setting the W h ite Balance Y ou can use the preset modes to r eproduce col ors more ac curately , or set a custom w hite balance to obtai n the optimal s etting.

For custom white balance: Point the camcorder at a white object and zoom in until it fills the whole screen. Keep th Set the program AE mode to the Auto mode. Select the shutter speed and press the SET dial This allows you to re cord brightly in places with ins ufficient li ghting.

However , you can se t the camcorde r not to use a slo w shutter s peed. Open the When recording movies 1. LP extends th e tape usage by 1. The bit mode recor ds sound on two chan nels ste reo 1 , leavi ng 2 channels free stereo 2 for adding new sound later.

Select the bi t mode for high er sound quali ty. Open t Multi-Image Screen 64 Captures movi ng subjects in 4, 9 o r 16 sequences of still image s and display s them at one time. Soun d will be recor ded normally. Open the menu and select [D. Select [D. The name The name of the se lected effect fl ashes.


Canon MV850i Manuals

Doshicage This setting does not affect the brightness of the recording or the. Find The Perfect Camera. Plug the power cord into a power DC IN terminal outlet. Availability of Digital Effects by Operating Modes: Wait for the cassette compartment to retract automatically and close the. Plug the power cord into a power outlet. Other Products Other Canoon. End Search When you have played back a tape, you can use this function to locate the end of the Hear more about the latest career opportunities.


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