Use of this manual should be strictly su- pervised to avoid disclosure of confidential information. Chapter 2 Basic Operation explains how copies are made on a step-by-step basis. Chapter 8 ADF explains the principles of operation of the ADF in view of electrical and mechanical functions and in relation to their timing of operation. Chapter 9 Installation introduces requirements for the site of installation, and shows how the machine may be installed using step-by-step instructions. Appendix contains a general timing chart and general circuit diagrams.

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Outline The major functions of the fixing unit are as follows: Item Controlling the Fixing Temperature 1. Outline The fixing lower roller of the fixing assembly Controlling the Temperature of the Fixing Heater The temperature of the fixing heater is Protective Functions The machine is equipped with the following protective functions to prevent malfunction Fixing Assembly 1.

Construction Caution: 1. The fixing film is made from a spe Removing the Fixing Lower Roller 1 Remove the fixing assembly. See 2. Figure FANS The machine is equipped with two fans serving to discharge ozone or cool Removing the Front Lower Cover 1 Open the right door. Control Panel 1. Copyboard Glass 1. Removing the Copyboard Glass 1 Remove the top cover.

See A. Removing the Main Motor Unit 1 Remove the drum Removing the Main Drive Assem- bly 1 Remove the drum cartridge. Electrical System 1. Controlling the Belt Motor.. Detecting Original ADF A. Outline The ADF picks up the originals stacked on the original tray starting Inputs to and Outputs from Basic Operations 1. Outline The ADF uses two motors for picking up and delivering originals Detecting an Original 1. Pickup Operation 1. Operation When an original is placed on the original tray and the Delivery 1.

Operations The ADF operates as follows to deliver originals from the copyboard glass Controlling the Pickup Motor 1. Outline Figure is a diagram of the control circuit Controlling the Belt Motor 1. Outline Figure is a diagram showing the control circuit Power Supply 1.

Outline Figure shows the routes of power supply. The ADF is Before starting Drive System 1. Drive Unit 1 Remove the lower cover. External Covers. Feeding System 1. Pickup Roller 1 Remove the drive unit [1]. Registration Roller 1 Remove the lower cover.

Feeding Belt 1 Remove the lower cover.


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