My darling, All of this is my fault. I hardly know where to start. Start at the very beginning. The very beginning seems so long ago, though.

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The surprise of this different penetration makes her feel powerless for the first time. It was a story about a 16 year old girl who manages to seduce and manipulate her 34 year old teacher with her skilled acting-the feigned innocence,naivety and inexperience-and takes them both-along with the readers-through a story of lust and self destruction. No current Talk conversations about this book.

Is it supposed to be empowering? While repetitive at times, the writing is generally phenomenal. I think the sex scenes really make the meat of the book, since the most character development happens within them.

It reminds me of an unsent letter I wrote to an old flame years ago, chronicling our relationship and the unspoken words surrounding it. It was not a story about love,it was one about lust. Male teachers and more recently, female teachers in their 20s and 30s are being caught in sexual relationships with teenagers.

I saw the gentle bookish boy you must have been, made old with tedium, wasted effort, unacknowledged kindnesses. Innocents is not just a story about an affair between a student and her older teacher. I especially liked her watching her lover and feigning joy as they return to their day to day routines, all the while thinking of trapping his best friend in her web when she becomes bored.

When her uncle attacks her for drawings he finds in her room, she flees to the teachers house and from there into his bed.

She is an innocent who acts experienced; he is an experienced who acts cooet. But when the perpetrator ckote a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl, is she culpable?

She leaves the aunt and uncle who are her guardians and moves in with her teacher; together, they quickly embark on a journey into their darkest desires. Her brazen honesty is shocking through the book and at times difficult to deal with, as she vividly describes her calculated thoughts cwthy the sexual acts that happen caathy them. The characters cahty me and the plot was non-existent. Unless you want to feel more sane by comparing yourself cathyy this protagonist, but seriously, this is one of those highly tabooed, epitome-of-fucked-up kinda books Innocents, what misleadingly simple title The writing alone warrants five stars, but the story itself is highly disconcerting which knocks my rating down two stars.

Her skill and ease at manipulating him physically and emotionally are hard to deal with at times, especially when juxtaposed with her childish behaviors, inability to take care of herself or even make her own meals.

But the real highlight of the book is that how Cathy Coote has managed to create the heroine. Balkan Ghosts, by Robert Kaplan Books: Then the girl finds out about his obsession with her view spoiler [he tells her that he loves her hide spoiler ] and she uses this knowledge to willingly innocennts him. This is one of many post- Lolita novels of recent years told from the perspective of the Lolita; manipulating the oldster and reveling in the power of her young skin and taboo aura.

Innocents, by Cathy Coote. Cathy Coote is an Australian author who was born in There was a problem adding your email address. This book is written in the form of a letter that this girl is writing to her ex-lover, teacher, to explain her side of things Project Gutenberg 0 editions. Related Posts


0802139272 - Innocents by Coote, Cathy

I know you think your to blame for what happened. Youre wrong, my love. Ive been guilty all along This book is written in the form of a letter that this girl is writing to her ex-lover, teacher, to explain her side of things My instincts were vicious, predatory, from the start. My very reflexes were sadistic. The ascent of my reason from the animal ways of infanthood served only to give a form to my state, as a painter gives shape to a colour.


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