Have a licence code? TXJY All cargo tanks, pump rooms and cofferdams shall be examined by two type approved explosimeters. PGXN Remaining on board. FYRU The gas is harmful when the consentration is 5 parts per million or more. Toxic gases Questions Asked: In accommodation the automatic sprinklers shall come into operation within the temperature range: Unknown August 5, at 7: RKMV No, high-level alarms should be anwwers separate system. The discharge need not take place below the waterline.

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MYGW Raise the fire alarm. All combustible materials Questions Asked: BFBF Rocket parachute flares BFCW if the whip-antenna is replaced by an antenna of about the same length as the original one BFDT Identify the extent of damage to own vessel and take necessary steps to safeguard the complement and the vessel. GMIR All the mentioned alternatives. Insulated on both sides with approved non-combustible material Questions Asked: When a fire breaks out in the accommodation, cargo holds or on deck, who is in charge of the fire fighting operations?

Close the ventilation system and other openings to the hold in order to choke the fire Questions Asked: CES is the tool confirming what many ship operators suspect. Gk Book Ces Test 5. JWAG To fill up the lines slowly.

DVHQ At least once every month by a responsible officer and once every year by an expert? We have received your request and a Seagull representative will be in contact with you shortly. RGVQ The product is both flammable and toxic. UBQJ All of the listed alternatives. FJPB First aspect confirm death. KICL At least two sets of instruments to detect each type stcww gas expected to be encountered? Notify company, and next-of-kin, and if on board to be advised and comforted as anssers be required.

Make sure that the compartment has been evacuated Questions Asked: If the area is inaccessible report to their superior. CES 4. GIDF Physically smaller for the same capacity. GUON Portable bridge between ship and shore.

KLJY Clogged turbocharger filters. NVRF To do a full calibration. In case a fire alarm is sounded from the bridge, what action would you take as Engineer on Duty? ALUC Public announcement system to be used for informing. AWXG To ensure that the proper residuals of treatment chemicals, as tdst, are maintained trst time. EEHC Go to your lifeboat station muster station. POVX Due to temperature expansion.

AWUU Any of the mentioned alternatives. AISY Test pressure equal to 1. Hoses for engine and boiler room in addition Questions Asked: Three hours Questions Asked: It is a flexible seafarers test which allows all the marine companies to. GHFX Incondensible vapour in the cargo and shortage of refrigeration.

CCOE Broken water seal. Please download to get full document. PJTT Exhaust gas boiler fouled. Reduce speed and, if possible, keep the fire zone to the leeward of the ship Questions Asked: All ships of tons gross and upwards Questions Asked: YKMK A wheel with which the ship is steered.

SRTH All the measurements mentioned must be performed. Related Posts


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Crew Evaluation System (CES)


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