Share The majority of Singaporeans, even if they had tertiary education, do not have formal education in matters of personal finance. As someone reading DollarsAndSense, you probably fall into the category of people who are interested to improve your own personal finance knowledge. MAS sets out minimum requirements to be an appointed representative of a financial adviser. It is important to note that the FAA deals with insurance and related products with an investment element. Thus, it does not regulate activities like general insurance policies which are regarded as consumption-based , deposit-taking products offered by banks which are generally well-understood and low-risk , and loans or mortgages which do not contain an investment element. Advisers who wish to be employed by the financial advisers to carry out advisory services are required to pass the requisite CMFAS modules and meet a set of basic criteria.

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Module 5, 9, HI are recommended for starters. I tried to find out if it is better to take up courses. But I decided to just sign up for the exam and self-study the textbook Ver 4, Printed , pages which is provided by the Singapore College of Insurance. When I went down to Suntec to collect the textbook, I was a little shocked by the thickness and amount of readings I need to make within 2 weeks before the exam.

I shall update later when I completed my exam. However there were a significant number of questions which required some level of memorizing from the textbook, e. Which of the following is a strategy of Outcome One of Fair Dealing?

This type of questions would be hard to just plainly use logic. There were one or two questions which require you to calculate the performance fees such as calculating based on fulcrum fee or high water mark arrangement. There is no need for a calculator as one can use estimation to eliminate or determine the right answer. Important is to understand the principles behind these methods. Pretty much easier with only 50 questions half that of Module 5. At least at the end of the exam, I do not feel that my brain is drained.

There are about 5 questions that require calculation. If you understand some of the examples given in the textbook, these should not be a problem. Next up, i will be taking my Module 9 paper on 7 Nov. Posted by Kat.


Complete Guide To The Qualifications Needed To Be A Financial Adviser In Singapore

Applicants for the licence will have to satisfy licensing criteria, relating to: financial resources; must satisfy MAS that it would discharge its duties efficiently, honestly and fairly. The objectives of this prohibition are two-fold: secure clarity for investors ; and ensure that the principal monitors and supervises their representatives at all times. However, a licensed representative may be a representative of more than one financial adviser if the financial advisers are related corporations. Insurance Broking Premium Accounts Financial advisers which receive any insurance monies are required to establish and maintain a separate account with a bank licensed under the Banking Act for its life insurance broking premiums. A financial adviser which receives any payment which is due to the insurer is required to pay the amount to the insurer within the credit period.


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