By Brad Steiger and Sherry Steiger America has been a cradle for conspiracies and secret societies from its earliest beginnings. Its discoverer, Christopher Columbus, held apocalyptic beliefs and claimed to have received a vision that the world would end in and that it was his divine mission to find a new land that would be the location of the new heaven and new earth promised by St. John of the Apocalypse in the book of Revelation. In the s, the master Freemason Sir Francis Bacon predicted that America was the New Atlantis and that it would bring forth a New World Order that would restore all humankind to the earthly paradise that existed in that Golden Age of old. By the mids, Freemasonry had established its lodges throughout Europe and had been carried across the ocean to the British colonies in New England.

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Exclusive HorrorNews. It is now more difficult than ever to discern the cover-ups and the disinformation from the chatter on the Internet. There are thousands of conspiracy sites, and now anyone can post his own favorite fear and loathing on the Internet. Ever since Viet Nam and the Cold War, more Americans than ever before have come to distrust their government. When it was discovered that the Gulf of Tonkin incident that got us into an unpopular war that divided our nation was a fictional event, millions now disregard any proclamation from the government as propaganda or an outright lie.

While there may at one time have been storage facilities for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the nation later found that it had been sucked into another unpopular and unnecessary war by its government. We would have to check all of the above, plus a few that are such deep black ops that none of the official branches and agencies know fully what is going on.

After decades of countless UFO reports, why do most people still consider the possibility of extraterrestrials nothing more than science fiction? Quite likely because in spite of numerous claims, there is still no hardcore physical proof, no crashed space vehicles, no evidence of abductions and the alleged insertion of implants in abductees. While physical proof may be lacking, we believe that the phenomenon is very real and witnessed by hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout the globe.

We are convinced that the science of the future may better understand the underlying factors in what may be possible physical multidimensional events or examples of the individual mystical experience. What kind of event would have to take place from something to go from conspiracy theory to conspiracy reality?

The discoveries by persistent researchers that such events that were once dismissed as conspiracy theories and paranoia actually occurred, such as, among many, many others: The Department of Defense using hundreds of thousands of military personnel and unknowing private citizens in experiments with mustard and nerve gas, ionizing radiation, and hallucinogenic drugs. The black men who were diagnosed with syphilis in the Tuskegee Study and who were never told of their illness and who continued to be used as human guinea pigs.

In compiling information for the book, did you ever stumble across anything that surprised you? The advancement of such instrumentation as HAARP, which may be able to control and to manipulate the weather to cause such horrible disasters as Katrina in New Orleans, the Indonesian tsunami, and the 9. What would you consider the biggest Government cover-up of all time? Although the jury is still out in proving many alleged cover-ups, we feel the silence about the secret experiments conducted on private citizens is perhaps the most heinous.

Perhaps one of the most successful of the U. Immediately after the close of World War II, as many as 1, Nazi scientists and their dependents were smuggled out of Germany to the United States to begin work to jump-start the space program. Operation Paperclip was not made public until after the first astronauts set foot on the moon.


Conspiracies and Secret Societies



Conspiracies And Secret Societies : The Complete Dossier - Second Edition




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