The rise of the anarchist movement and its strong antiwar sentiments made the tank a tempting target, since alcohol produced from the molasses went into the making of wartime munitions. The sheer destructive force of the molasses flood is jarringly presented in a number of vignettes about those trapped; 21 people died. In the ensuing court battle, Big Business was put on notice that it would not be trusted to police construction safety standards itself, it was not above the law, and it would be liable for damages. Properly and compellingly recasts quaint folklore as a tragedy with important ramifications.

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Start your review of Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of Write a review Shelves: history , best-titles-everrr , natural-disaster , natural-disaster-themed I couldnt help but be incredulous about a molasses flood. I was doing research into what books I wanted to read for my Winter Disaster Read, which I originally intended to be about natural disasters, but quickly morphed into disasters in general, and I stumbled across this book.

Lo and behold a week later it went onto the Kindle Daily Deal and I snatched it up. Its almost like Amazon knew eyes dart back and forth quickly. I have now stopped and started writing this review three times. There, please keep trolling to a minimum. There were three things about this book that really hurt its rating: 1 The captions on the photos which were excellent finds almost always gave away what was going to happen in the chapter.

That mystery was destroyed by the fact that a chapter would start with a picture, and the caption always gave away the ending.

No spoilers please, even in history books. I was really interested in all the stories about the Italian immigrants, but at several points the author restated the same statistic twice, or nearly the same paragraph as in a previous chapter, and it sort of felt cumbersome in the beginning. He can write very compellingly of their trials during and after the flood. You sure to learn an unexpected amount.


Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of 1919

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