Sarr The decision to launch the book at such a time could have been an opportune one by mahomw publisher, harnessing the mass curiosity that people had with the most influential man ever in the history of mankind. This is a fiction book that revolves around a well-known historical character. It was kind of like This is one of those books that jumped off the library shelf, right into my path. Books by Deepak Chopra. I know so little about Muhammad and Islam in general so it was good to learn the story of their prophet. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

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Sep dfepak, Micah rated it liked it. Interesting, wish I knew historically how much was close to the truth. He gave you sleep so that you may rest And the morning sky to be a resurrection. But despite that, he has done fairly well in painting the context and environment upon which Islam was born. I liked the book upto the point when God reveals himself t The first half of the book was better than the latter half.

Oct 24, PJ Swanwick rated it really liked it Shelves: There are many fact I gave this book one star not because the way it was written but about the content. I also plan on fu This is my second novel on Muhammad and I frankly find his story fascinating. Does deepak Chopra have a book about Christian prophets? It gave the reader insight I cannot really put a label on my feelings after completing the book.

Especially since facts are altered rather than simply expanded upon, making it historically inaccurate. I know so little about Muhammad and Islam in general so it was good to learn the story of chlpra prophet. As a Muslim, I have read a number of books on the life of Muhammad, but this book stands out as a category of its own. Maybe this is how he writes! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

In short, the novel itself is worth reading, but the afterword only feeds into existing prejudices and stereotypes about Islam. He goes on to talk about Sufism in very positive ter This is a quick read, and it was interesting to imagine how people would have reacted to Muhammad in the early days of his revelation, as well as how challenging the situation was for him. I know about the life of Christ and Buddha, but next to nothing about Muhammad. Islam offered a spiritual equality accepting the Islam and chopfa its five pillars.

This style brought an immediacy and vibrancy to the life of the Prophet, not to be found elsewhere. To write a story on the life of a amhoma who brought a faith followed by almost 2 billion people is enough to send any writer for cover, but Chopra handles the subject matter with tact and diplomacy without pulling any punches where he felt he needed to. A Story of the Last Prophet. Related Posts.


Mahoma: La historia del último profeta

However, I must at the same time admit that the pleasure depeak easy reading was coupled with learning new facts and a fresh way of looking at events. I also plan on further reading about Islam in an effort to better understand the diversity within it. When the expiry date is reached your computer deletes the cookie. Oct 21, Akram Jamal-AlLail rated it it was amazing. Aug 05, Rubayya rated it did not like it.



Ditaur Muhammad was a mean dude, and Allah is a mean god. May 07, Dina Salaymeh rated it it was amazing. Preview — Muhammad by Deepak Chopra. Sep 02, Hamza rated it it was amazing. But ltiimo that, he has done fairly well in painting the context and environment upon which Islam was born. If you want to know more about Islam, I do not recommend this book.


Mahoma: Una Historia del Ultimo Profeta

Start your review of Mahoma. The novel emphasizes that of all the founders of the great world religions, Muhammad is the most like us. Muhammad, a merchant who marries a rich widow and routinely travels in caravans as part of his trade, lives a regular life until the day the archangel Gabriel appears and orders the reluctant year-old Muhammad to recite. To recite, Chopra reminds, is the root word of Koran. Using multiple first-person narrators--slaves and merchants, hermits, and scribes--he portrays life including its brutality on the streets of Mecca.

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