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Used by permission. All rights reserved. Used by permission of Zondervan. Breath of the Spirit Ministries, Inc. Box North Richland Hills, Texas — www. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Box North Richland Hills, Texas www. Television www.

She regularly encounters God in dreams and is a seasoned teacher on the subject. It is well written and Barbie makes it all seem so … easy. It makes me want to go dream right now! Patricia King President, XPmedia. It is the best and most accurate book I have read about dreams. This book will help people understand more clearly how God speaks and help them use it to expand the Kingdom through dream outreach events. Doug Addison InLight Connection www. Now is the time to acquire this necessary ministry.

In this period of time, not only will dreams abound, but the Spirit of wisdom, and revelation will be profoundly released. Barbie Breathitt rests under such an anointing. She is one of the top revelatory interpreters of our day. Barbie Breathitt has provided the believer with accurate and safe insights to help you understand how God speaks to you in the night and additionally what He is specifically saying to you.

I knew that there was a realm of seeing that was available to me that was not concrete. I knew that there was a world dimension beyond my daily routine of life. Because of having godly influences in my life, I came to embrace the God of the creation around me, the One who came to us as Man in the form of Messiah, the One who left His Spirit to make my spirit alive so I could perceive the layers of revelatory knowledge that make life filled with abundance.

If I meditated on what was being communicated deep within me, I could understand why I did things, why things happened, or even what was going to happen.

We all dream. Even if a person is an island unto himself, he or she dreams. But to know the One who is allowing you to dream causes your dream to create significance in your existence. One of the primary ways that God has always used to communicate with His people is through dreams and visions, yet they are often misunderstood, dismissed, or ignored. We find in the Bible over 50 references for messages being sent by God through dreams and visions to both the righteous and the unrighteous alike.

The Lord used dreams and visions to guide, to warn, to direct, to help—to communicate His heart. God has not stopped communicating to humanity by these means. Miss Breathitt is a person who seeks to present herself as the one God made her to portray. She is unique and lovely. She carries a glow of righteousness in her eyes. When I first met Barbie, I enjoyed the level of communication that she presented.

She had tapped into a dimension of 5 revelation that needed to be heard. She would come to gatherings and bring individuals that she had trained to assist others to better understand what God was attempting to communicate to them.

Not only was she a wonderful minister of supernatural truth, but she had disciplined herself to learn a different language—not Spanish, Latin, German, Finnish, or Swahili, but a language beyond those spoken on earth. She had allowed the Spirit of God to teach her His dream language. Most importantly, she carried the fragrance of God in a dark world and brought truth and light to individual searching souls.

Dreams, which are formed in the subconscious mind of a man or woman, based on images and symbols which are unique to that individual are a mirror reflection of what has been imprinted on our soul. Through the world of dream revelation, we are allowed to see into a dimension depending on our own background, experience, and current life circumstances.

Dreams can communicate to us truth—the needed information that our conscious mind could not understand during our waking hours. A dream is a release of revelation whether natural or spiritual that comes at a time when your body is at peace and you are settled.

Sometimes this is the only way God can communicate with us because our soul is quiet enough for Him to speak deeply into our spirit man. A dream is like a snapshot of something you are able to relate to in picture form.

Ecclesiastes tells us that a dream comes when there are many cares. They can either be a subconscious response to the circumstances of our lives, or the Holy Spirit communicating to us. Israel was forbidden to use many of the same type of divining practices as Egypt and other neighboring countries and peoples.

However, God would visit them in the night to communicate His will and way to them. Dreams were the world of the divine or the demonic. They often revealed the future. For instance, I once had a dream because I was in prayer over a trip to Israel. Bobbye Byerly and I were going to be leading prayer for a meeting that would reconcile Arab Christian leaders and Messianic leaders. Peter Wagner was going to be facilitating this meeting.

There was much warfare surrounding this meeting. I became very anxious and called Bobbye and told her we should pray and fast for three days before going.

Bobbye agreed immediately. In the second day of the fast I fell asleep and had the following dream: Barbara Wentroble, a well-known prophetess, was in the dream and asked me a question. There are two ways. Which way are you taking? In the dream it was as if I was showing her a map and we were wandering through the Arab desert to get to Israel.

There is a better way for you to take. Then, have your meeting with everyone else. Wagner as he proceeded in pulling together this meeting. I encouraged him to first have a meeting with the leaders of Israel that we knew. Then we could have the overall meeting and reconciliation time. This proved to be straight revelation from God and really affected the overall outcome of our mission. There are simple message dreams like the ones Joseph had in Matthew 1—2 which caused him to understand what was happening with Mary and then Herod.

There was really no need for interpretation; the dreams interpreted themselves. There are simple symbolic dreams. These are dreams filled with symbols but where the symbolism is clear enough that the dreamer and others can understand it without any complicated interpretation. For instance, when Joseph had his dream in Genesis 37, he fully understood it and so did his brothers to the point that they wanted to kill him!

Then there are complex symbolic dreams. This third type of dream needs interpretative skill from someone who has unusual ability in the gift of interpretation or someone who knows how to seek God to find revelation.

In Daniel 2 and 4, we find good examples of this type of dream. In Daniel 8, we see a dream where Daniel actually had to seek divine interpretation. You will not only read this book, but use this book as a nightstand companion. This is a must for all libraries. I would suggest you have two copies—one to be used in your study, and a second copy ready when your first one eventually falls apart from use.

Chuck D. Pierce President, Global Spheres, Inc. He was a beloved husband, father, and honest attorney who spent his life helping his family and working for the betterment of his friends and those who benefited from his spirit of counsel.

And to the next generation of dreamers who desperately seek to fulfill their own dreams as their unique destiny is written in the chronicles of time.

The writing of this work required many hours of painstaking detail work and labor. But it has been a labor of love. And to all those who made it possible for this labor to come forth and be birthed I give a heartfelt thank-you. The first group of people who come to mind are the Partners of Breath of the Spirit. Without their constant prayers and encouragement my ability to write this book may have been completely thwarted. The next group of people I honor are the mentors and beloved pastors who have poured words of encouragement into my life.

Their constant expectation of something great being wrought in my life gave me the inspiration to continue undaunted in the face of constant hindrances and obstacles. I wish to mention by name just a few: Dr. Chuck Pierce, who on many occasions has spoken into my life; Patricia King who encouraged me at a crucial time in my life to step up to the calling God has placed on my life, and my own Pastor, Dr. Jack Deere and his lovely wife Leesa of Wellspring Church, who have been close friends, a constant bulwark, honest censurers and fervent supporters of my endeavors.

Amanda Pitt spent countless hours going over these pages of script with a fine tooth, culling, cutting, and adding an amazing touch of class to make this presentable to the public. Linda Madden endeavors to keep me looking presentable from a chair in her salon in Fort Worth, Texas. Only she knows the true color of my hair. Without a doubt, my greatest support comes from my family who has stood by me through thick and thin.

They have stood beside me and cheered me on during times of both triumph and trial.

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