Eso es exactamente lo que estaba diciendo. Sientes pudor con demasiada facilidad. Tu padre y yo somos lo que somos. Sinopsis La familia Walls es una familia errante. En el camino quedan noches donde duermen al aire libre en el desierto, pueblos donde acuden por una semana a la escuela, vecinos que los ayudan y abusos de todo tipo.

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Start your review of El castillo de cristal Write a review Recommends it for: Everyone else Recommended to Meredith by: Everyone Shelves: favorites , classic-or-cannonical , memoir-biography , non-fiction , influenced-me , wise , do-not-judge-by-the-cover , girls-rule , up-hill-both-ways-in-the-snow , reviewed My sister saw The Glass Castle on my coffee table and said, Oh, I read that.

Its kind of. Well, I was going to say, its kind of like us, a little bit, but not Yeah, I said. I wasnt going to say it because not all of it Yeah, not all of it. We didnt talk about it again. When I first saw this book, I think I died a little inside because of the cover. Kiddy-sex and soul-searching. Or at least before they make me read it.

I am such a fan of women, and so I take it personally when we look like morons. This book has absolutely nothing in common with its cover. This book is my Alice Cooper.

Everything about the book is simple, concise, and action-packed. It makes me laugh and it makes me cry. The people are incredible, but deep and smart and human.

In other ways, the book is so specific and personal to the Walls family that I never would have imagined the stories if I had not been told them. Virginia Woolf and Rainer Maria Rilke , two of the wisest people I have read, both ask when and how women will be able to tell stories without being self-conscious that they are women.

How can we write, or even live, not as reactions to men, but as separate masters of our own experiences? It is compassionate and unflinching. Oh, I hate adjectives. But, later, I realized they probably both got something that I never understood out of their relationship. I think a lot of this book is about how we know the people we are close to and, also, never really do — how it is useless to hold other people to our own standards of what love or responsibility looks like.

But, still, it is about holding each other responsible. Or, maybe the book is just about her family with no real moral lesson at all. Walls is so loyal to her stories in an almost scientific way.

She waved enthusiastically when she saw me. I kissed her cheek. Mom had dumped all the plastic packets of soy sauce and duck sauce and hot-and-spicy mustard from the table into her purse. Now she emptied a wooden bowl of dried noodles into it as well. We ordered. Mom chose the Seafood Delight. She started talking about Picasso. All the cubist stuff was gimmicky, as far as she was concerned. Tell me what it is you need. If a woman looks good, she feels good. Your values are all confused. I hid. Your father and I are who we are.

Accept it. In high school, I thought that American history was the most boring topic imaginable. Then, in college, I took a class called the History of Women in the U. The Glass Castle is a real, honest history or as honest as histories can be of people in America. It is so close to me and so foreign in just the way this country is. It is also, in a way, a tribute to family oral histories. My dad has a.

In the past couple of years, every time I see one of my siblings, we sit around and tell stories from my dad or about my dad, trying to weed out what actually happened, what got a nice polish in the story factory, and what is an outright lie.

Whatever I write will be in some way inspired by this book.


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El castillo de cristal



El castillo de cristal (Jeannette Walls)


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