One of the most remarkable guidances of those pre-war years was the connection between the college and Ethiopia. Italy had long coveted Ethiopia and in October Mussolini ordered the invasion of the country. For various reasons no European country offered aid, and the League of Nations was too weak to intervene in an effectual way. To Rees Howells this was a threat to the evangelisation of Ethiopia and much prayer was concentrated on the situation. The Emperor visited the college and the school, and his private chaplain and his son-in-law, Abye Abebe, husband of the Princess Tshai who was doing nursing training in a London hospital, came as students to the Bible College. Despite the apparent failure of the prayer for Ethiopia, Rees Howells assured the Emperor that the day would come when he would be restored to his country and to his throne.

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However, even the remote town of Brynamman began to change when Wales experienced a revival in and Along with many others, Rees was caught up in this powerful move of God. He began to sense that God was calling him to leave the mines. Early in his journey of faith, he understood the significant impact, both personal and social, of a prayer filled life. Rees Howells married in , and soon after he and his wife felt called to be missionaries to South Africa.

This was a deeply challenging vocation for them as, at that time, this would mean having to leave their newly-born son in Wales. Despite the pain this caused, they decided to leave for South Africa. The Howells travelled 11, miles throughout South Africa, seeing many thousands making decisions to follow Christ. However, it became clear that God was asking them to follow a different path.

They were to return to Wales and establish a bible college. This seemed an impossible task, as all they had was two shillings. Following in the footsteps of George Muller, they prayed that God would provide. After many instances of miraculous provision , they were able to purchase a number of properties and establish a thriving Bible college.

With a rise in faith resulting from seeing his prayers for provision for the Bible college answered, he began to lead the college in a lifestyle of prayer on behalf of events, people and nations throughout the world. Rees Howells developed eight principles of intercession that continue to have a wide influence on the church. For him, intercession was not an optional isolated activity, but rather the result of following the crucified Christ.


El Intercesor [Libros de Bolsillo]

Born in a Welsh mining village, he left school at twelve and worked in a tin mill and a coal mine. As he came to know the redeeming power of his Lord and Saviour he faced the implications of an entire surrender, learned to love the unlovely and found the key to the power of prayer. As a result he became a man of great Christian inspiration to others in both Britain and Southern Africa where he became the channel of a mighty revival. Norman Grubb describes all this, but also the foundation of the Bible College of Wales at Swansea, perhaps the greatest monument of his work, and the intercessory prayer that became the hallmark of Rees Howells, impacting as it did on national policy and international affairs. Every chapter in this biography is full of drama and light.


Rees Howells: Intercessor (Stories of Faith & Fame)

The title should be at least 4 characters long. I had this book in my possession for more than 20 years I am obsessed with seeing such conventions rise up intercwssor. The Blood Illustrated Edition. I intercrssor born years after Rees and have just finished reading his testimony 40 years after it was initial written. The Great Revival in Wales.

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