As a new RC hobbyist, It would be a nice thing to see how rewinding a motor is done. Avoid constant high throttle. They look small but pack good punch. Will try KV to slow down. If you lose one or both of the screws you can replace them easily with a 3mm socket head screw. How well are they balanced?

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Kanris I gave up on the cheap wire from radio shack and use only wire that has a high c temperature rating. Now I can rewind those s I have laying around! Do they dislike dust? The rotor and its shaft can then be inserted into the stator bearings and the shaft will then extend through the mounting flange such that you can fit a prop on the other side of the I like to wrap a very small zip tie around where the leads exit the windings, I also like to secure the leads to the plane either with hot glue or goop or another small zip tie.

The flange can be turned around degrees and mounted to a front firewall. VERY Strong but not unbendable. I have one motor that has been rewound several times before I figured out the right kind of wire to use. But on planes like the baby blender that tend to nose over on landing, the motor quickly gets loose in the mount. Love these motors, and Mt Timpanogos in the background!

Since most gliders use a front firewall, this makes it awkward to mount the motor. The shaft needs to be reversed in the rotor so that the long side sticks out of the other end of the rotor.

A drop of bearing oil on the front and rear bearing every now and then and they will last for a long time. You need to log-in to rate articles. I use them as a drop in replacement for the hitec hs82mg Prop Saver for 3mm motor. View Comparison Go to login page Close.

Price point At the time of this writing, these motors can be had for six bucks and some change. Never had to talk with them on the phone but they must be good people ; I also like the Power HD mg servos that I get from them. I am in the Midwest so I usually get mine at ValueHobby and get them in enax days. Can you post a link to the lamp socket? Have you manged to make it to one our sWARm events?

If not, you definitely want to get that onto your calendar. Will try KV to slow down. You will receive a link to reset your password. I really wonder where these comments come from. With this product, you earn 0 loyalty point s. Only thing I would recommend is a emsx of 3mm bullet connects be installed for this item. These motors are often delivered with the screws loose. I have the kv emaxx which is unavailable right now. Any advice on how ema keep the motor from loosening? Take a look downstairs and see what you have.

Recommend This Article You need to log-in to rate articles. Bearings- the bearings are cheap, they can be replaced if needed. Pull the two little grub screws, a generous drop of locktite in each hole. Have found it quite hard to find these little gems. But it would be possible to make one. A lot of new flyers will try to get into the hobby as cheaply as possible. What we see very often is that the motor will try to spin in the mount causing stress in the wires.

I found a lamp socket base that I made do with, but the set screw binds the bearing. Very strong compared the the butter shafts of many Hobbyking motors. I had to blue locktite the two rear hex screws that hold the motor to the mount as they vibrated loose. Flys slow stick fast. After removing the set screw, the shaft can be pressed out of the rotor using a drill press. Related Articles


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EMAX 2822 1200KV Brushless Motor


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