Political forces around the world are now cooperating in unprecedented fashion to achieve their goal of uniting the people of this planet under a New World Order. Because of his background in government, Gary Kah was invited to join the WCPA World Constitution and Parliament Association , overseeing the planning and implementation of the one world government. For the skeptical observer, the material in this book "should serve as ample evidence that the drive to create a one world government is for real," including reproductions of the original WCPA documents. The author further demonstrates that there is an ominous cooperation between the globalists, who are promoting the one world government, and the burgeoning New Age groups, who are promoting a new religion.

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Some of the most recognizable names in America are on this list! By Christopher P. For instance, on pg. This happened under George H. Now, George W. Bush is involved in a similar scheme. This time the common enemy is terrorism. Note that on that same page, the author wonders how the destruction of NYC might occur, and sites economic devastation and an act of terrorism as possibilities. This is prophetic, considering that this book was published in He also cites Rev.

This book is very revealing concerning the general world structure UN, Council on Foreign Relations, etc. This book opened my eyes and changed my life forever! A Customer on Sep 12, I was born and raised in the Catholic church, was an alter boy and organized religous retreat programs for years, but not until I read this book did I realize what Christ did for us by His death and resurrection and what is really expected from me as a Christian.

In addition, Gary Kah, once and for all, opened my eyes to the truths behind current world events and activities of world-wide organizations. I was so shocked by the contents of this book, that I dedicated hundreds of hours of my own time to independently research his sources which are conveniently listed in the appendix. The deeper I dig, the more shocking it gets! Your time is limited! As I would later find out, Gary Kah is a talented public speaker, radio talk personality and author.

Then it occurred to me that 1 that pyramid on the dollar bill is spooky 2 In God We Trust--which god are we talking about here? The book is a blistering read and well worth considering whether you believe as he does or not. Solidly researched, very well put together.

He takes disparate pieces of the puzzle and puts it together to show the big picture. Sometimes the perspective of a true insider makes all the difference.

Kah is truly an insider. He provides impeccable credentials, as well as thorough footnotes and documentation of the facts. Case closed.

This is a book that insiders dont want you to read. Very well done. This New World Order thing is a lot further along than some people might think. I guess that every generation is burdened to to figure this stuff out on their own. If all of the above looks like gobbledygook to you, then join the club because it seems to me that people have to hunger for this information in order to find it.

Luckily, this generation has Gary Kah. After reading Gary Kah, your eyes will be opened. Your job, as skeptic, is to critically analyze an author of a controversial subject and to test his facts against reality. That is where the "alien abduction crowd" falls down every time. Unlike the alien abductees, Gary has the proof. He supports his writings with a stack of sources that would have taken you years to get through. Note: I advise checking a few of them for accuracy just so you can learn to appreciate all of the work that Gary went through in order to get this information out in a format that can be read easily, enjoyed, and understood.

The bottom line is that you will come out of the book more aware. News will begin to make more sense because you will know what is the spin, why, and where events are leading. Since reading this book I have read many books on the subject and I still like to come back to this one because of all the rich references. Gary Kah is a Christian and he identifies proof of satanic worship within secret societies that have strived to lead our world from behind the scenes for the last couple of centuries at least.

Sound wacky? Well, what if he sources writings from leaders of these societies? What if members of these societies are in political positions, using their influence towards globalist ends? The bottom line is that Gary writes about this messy man-made structure of worldly power from his own perspective.

Just test the facts against truth like any other study. His book "New World Religion" is also rich with illuminating facts.

The global economic hook-up of nations as well as through treaties all link toward a world government. These treaties are an end run around our U.

He also knows people who attend these globalist meetings,that are very hard to get into. This book is worth reading and then lend it to a friend. The European Economic Union is just the start. Africa wants to unite and the far east nations as well. Uniting these nations brings economic and trade power. Not really a conspiracy,but more of a we want a piece of the action too. Thanks, Gary, for your caring and witness. He gives a broad overview and includes first hand witnessed details.

He presents the information in a straight-forward manner and lets the facts speak for themselves. An eye-opening documentary on the New World Order! An eye-opening thriller. This book should shock you right out of your seat! This book contains the information that every American should have about the coming World Government and its hidden agenda.

Will a world Government really bring peace to the planet? Written from a compelling Christian viewpoint with solid prophetical and biblical insight.

If you ever had a doubt about the different forces at work in the World, get this book Ready for The Federation of Earth and a new constitution? A Customer on Nov 23, This book reads like a journey of an author who lived the story he tells. Gary Kah served in the Reagan Administration as a high ranking official and became a infiltrator of the World Parliament and Constitution Assoc.

Written from a Christian perspective with a slant on Bible Prophecy. Well documented. Truth is stranger than fiction! By The Bookworm on Mar 31, I was skeptical upon receiving this book. However, I was surprised by the amount of historical facts and history revealed in this short but intriguing book.

Kah goes on in depth about the history of secret organizations e. Some of the historical information presented by Kah is taught at the state university I attend. People who are historically literate and well-read will find it easier to process this information. Kah does a phenomenal job of digging into the history of these secret organizations. Therefore, I urge all people to read this book with an open mind and research the information for themselves to verify it. This book was written in , but the general points are still valid.

The only caveat is that the ruling elites are always in some flux, so there are relationships between parts of it that will change over time, which affects the timing and implementation of elite plans.

How that will affect the balance of power in this society over time is unknown, but that balance certainly will be affected by increasing public knowledge. Gary Kay has a charming style of writing which makes By Sally on Nov 21, Gary Kay has a charming style of writing which makes this book even more enjoyable - his decency and uncorruptability shine through.

I bought extra copies to share out to awaken others. A little dated, but still dead-on Kah provides more than enough evidence and documentation to convince all but the most deluded that there has been a vast left-wing conspiracy to globalize the world governments under way since at least the time of the French Revolution, and the "One-Worlders" at they are even now completing their end-game maneuvers.

Kah had the correct prophecy of where the By Joseph P. Stakun on Apr 19, Mr. Kah had the correct prophecy of where the world is headed in the future. We as voters and citizens have little say in the matter. This book that was written so long By Amazon Customer on Aug 22, wow! This book that was written so long ago is making total sense now hmm By Juan on Nov 21, Well, it will happen at least some parts of it.

Honestly, as things are coming to pass they will reveal really how it is. So many truths were uncovered. I could hardly put the book down. Very informative By Drummer4lifenonwo on Apr 01, I would suggest everyone to read this because it puts out information on the table for discussion for the public eye.

A good truther read those that seek the truth and want to know how far the rabbit hole goes A real eye-opener for people who have no thoughts about who is running the show.


En Route to Global Occupation by Gary H. Kah (1991, Paperback)

We are closer than you may think. En Route to Global Occupation is an eye opening book. Here the ground work is laid and a list of various organizations are named whose primary goal is to establish a one world government. In due time there will be a complete restructuring of all current governments around the world. This book reveals a preliminary world constitution that has been drawn up that will supersede any and all current governmental constitutions and guidelines.


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Add both to Cart Add both to List. Follow the Author Customers who bought this item also bought. One person found this helpful. This book was written in but has relev This is the best book written about what is happening behind the scenes in our governments to bring us towards a one-world government.


En Route to Global Occupation





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