Please consult the documentation for your bibliography software for instructions on how to import the data file. These data files provide bibliographic support for a very wide range of reference management software. In Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind pp48— Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

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Plot[ edit ] Train station of Montauk where Joel and Clementine meet each other again after the erasing of their memories. Both had felt the need to travel to Montauk that day, and they almost immediately connect, feeling drawn to each other despite their contrasting personalities. Although Joel and Clementine do not realize it, they were in a relationship, separated after having dated for two years.

Joel finds himself revisiting his memories of Clementine in reverse , starting from the downfall of their relationship. As he comes across happier memories of Clementine early in their relationship, he attempts to preserve at least some memory of her and his love for her, trying to evade the procedure by taking his idealized memory of Clementine into memories not linked to her and attempting to wake up and stop the process.

Despite his efforts, the technicians succeed in erasing his memories. Joel comes to the last remaining memory of Clementine, the day he first met her at a beach house in Montauk. As the memory disintegrates around them, she tells him to meet her in Montauk. This leads to both Joel and Clementine travelling to Montauk, where they subsequently meet on the train.

Mary, the Lacuna receptionist, is dating another technician, Stan, but has feelings for the head of Lacuna, Dr. Howard Mierzwiak, who is married. Mierzwiak and agreed to have the affair erased from her memory after Dr. In the present, Joel and Clementine meet at the Montauk train station and are eager to begin what appears to be a new and exciting relationship.

When they both find their Lacuna records mailed to them by Mary, they are shocked and disturbed by the bitter memories they have of each other. Clementine attempts to leave, saying that the relationship might end the same way it did in the tapes. They realize that flaws in their relationship are inevitable but decide to go on with it, believing that they are meant to be together.

After their relationship ends, Clementine erases Joel from her memory, and he erases her from his mind in response. Charlie Kaufman wrote Joel with autobiographical personality traits. Carrey did not like this. Gondry believed this would make Carrey forget what he should do to be Joel, allowing him to go in character. Producers cast Winslet against type for her part as Clementine, [5] as Winslet had previously featured heavily in period pieces. Ruffalo received the role of Stan after providing an "unexpected take on the role" to Gondry when he suggested Stan be a fan of The Clash and look like Joe Strummer.

They break up when Joel and Clementine begin dating for the second time. Tom Wilkinson as Dr. Howard Mierzwiak: Howard runs Lacuna. Wilkinson reportedly did not enjoy the shooting of the film and clashed with Gondry. She is in a troubled relationship with Rob Eakin.

In a troubled relationship with Carrie Eakin. Due to the similarities, Kaufman became worried and tried to pull out of the project, but Golin made him complete it. The world forgetting, by the world forgot: Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! Each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned; Alexander Pope , Eloisa to Abelard , Kaufman did not want to make the film a thriller and wanted to downplay the science fiction aspects of memory erasure, focusing on the relationship.

Navy base. Kuras disagreed with this choice and would get around it by lighting the room instead of the actors and by hiding light bulbs around the set to increase light levels.

Two handheld cameras filmed near degree footage at all times, shooting 36, feet of film a day to deal with this. When using wheelchairs, the shot was not consistently smooth, however as Kuras liked the aesthetic of the low-angle, wobbly movement, the final film contains the footage. Gondry in response fired the team and had the production team, including the actors and producers, place the set in the water.

Editing was a long process as there was no requirement to rush it. Hollywood Records released the soundtrack on March 16,


Вечное сияние чистого разума

Shakabei Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Oxford University Press, Without and thus gradually lost just the sort of perceptual acuteness the recognition that there has been harm through depriva- she felt was so important for love and justice. It seems that moral obligations to those we care about. Peter Heath Cambridge something insightful in the distinction sunsine ethics and University Press,p. Does not the experience of hard truths—of the My qualification here is not simply for the unchosen, the inexplicable, the tragic, remind us sake of academic accuracy, for the issues raised that we can never be fully at home in the world, by Eternal Sunshine are not as farfetched or especially if we are to take serious the reality of futuristic ggrau some might think.



Refresh and try again. To add more, click here. We may think he does, but when he is brought to the test it proves otherwise. Everyone knows that it is useless to try to separate lovers by proving to them that their marriage will be an unhappy one. This is not only because they will disbelieve you. They usually will, no doubt.


The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Memory and Association

Both main characters, Joel Barish and Clementine Kruczynski, opt to have this procedure following a painful breakup— each therein erasing the memory of the other. Eternal Sunshine offers an intricate mix of psychological and philosophical subjects that help underscore the importance and influence of association. The first scene shows Joel skipping work, he says that he does not understand why he does this, and further that he is not an impulsive person. As the story progresses, this claim shows all too true.

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