Yozshuzilkree However, considering demonstration from a purely material viewpoint and so following the advice of the above quotation, if by so doing we could open instantly and easily a door swollen by moisture or straighten a tangled string that was consuming otherwise valuable time, would we not by ignoring such power, deprive ourselves of a very great privilege? I think your great desire for true companiondiip has pertiaps grown into anxiety, and anxiety is doubt, and doubt is the opposing force that prevents the fulfillment of your desires. Now I wonder if I have made concentration and desire clear to you? I have worked at the Peabody library quite a bit this fall but have had to dog m;yself to it. Every fibre of your being is now vibrant with pure life which cannot be defiled, lost or turned from its course of perfection.

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I thought for a moment and replied, "Learning to stop figuring out how you will get what you want. She asked, "What do you mean? But a few days later I was sitting in a limousine, being driven to have dinner with eight wealthy, wonderful, self-made people. All of these people started with nothing. Many of them started as I had: With empty pockets and hope in their hearts.

I used to dig ditches, drive trucks, work in the dirt, the rain, and the heat, and for never enough money to pay my bills.

Select what you do want. Clear all negative or limiting beliefs. Feel what it would be like to have, do, or be what you want. Let go. Act on your intuitive impulses and allow the results to manifest. Some people get new cars by winning them, others by struggling to pay for them, others by happily paying for them, others by other means.

Instead, state your intentions and let the world arrange itself to bring your goals to you. I allowed, acted, trusted, and accepted. I followed the five-step formula. And when the limo pulled up, I got in. When I was interviewed on a late night talk show one evening, they asked me to read this quote to them twice. Then they were silent for a moment while the meaning of these words hit home. And when your limo pulls up, get in! Well, the desire you image is the seed, your occasional closing of the eyes in imagery is the sun, and your constant, though not anxious, expectation is the rain and cultivation necessary to bring absolutely sure results How do I stay clear and focused?

I work with several people these days to keep myself on track. I first heard of her because of her ad in New Age Journal. Her ad has a "magnetic charge" to it. The ad said she heals people on a cellular level. She has helped more than Bernie Siegel.

It almost sounds too good to be true. But the add also says you can have a free minute phone consultation with her, to get a sense of her work. I called, met Ann by phone, and have been working with her ever since. If you want to work with someone to help you achieve your dreams, I offer Ann. Her email is Miracles22 aol. Her phone is or toll-free Suggested Reading and Listening Books and tapes can keep your mind focused on the positive and help you keep going toward your dreams.

The following are my suggestions for extra fun. With a little searching you can also find countless other wonderful books, now out of print, to keep your inner fires stoked. Just pick whatever title calls to you and enjoy it. Relish the journey, my friend! Robert Anthony. This no-nonsense little gem surprised me by being so inspiring, practical, and akin to the ideas expressed here in my own book.

Anthony has written several other books, all worth getting. The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol. My all-time favorite on the power of using your mind to create anything you want. I first read it when I was a teenager.

A masterpiece. Is an incredible book by Carole Dore. This uplifting book reveals an inside out approach to making money. What Dore reveals are strategic ways to increase your energy so that money is literally drawn to you like a magnet. Feelings Buried Alive Never Die Reveals a powerful one-step process for releasing the core issues in your life so you can be clear to have what you want. Keys to the Ultimate Freedom by Lester Levenson, founder of the Sedona Method, a very simple way to "get clear" so you can become Master of your life.

Teaches you the ten proven secrets for fame, fortune, and immortality. From Nightingale-Conant. Joseph Murphy. Anything by Murphy is worth reading. This is a classic. A delightful work of fiction which teaches how to make your own world through the science of deliberate creation. Call This is a stunning course book, workbook, and eight tapes , based on the book by Wallace Wattles, on using your mind to increase your wealth.

If you only wanted to get one book out of the list here, this would be the one. Reveals the marketing secrets of a forgotten genius from the roaring twenties. One company bought 19, copies of this book. About the Author of this Excerpt Joe Vitale, the creator of Spiritual Marketing, is an independent marketing specialist currently based in Austin, Texas.

His talks, seminars, and audiotape programs on sales and marketing have helped thousands of people around the globe market their businesses successfully.


Frances Larimer Warner, Our Invisible Supply





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