Just let it go. Or that I would let her go into a life where she would get the same treatment she had for twelve years? He glanced down to my shaking hands and scoffed. We can grab a beer. Catch you later, yeah? I checked my watch again and took off for my truck, hoping I made it to Starbucks before Cassidy started walking home.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. This review contains unmarked spoilers. We are not friends at all. In all honesty, I was hoping it would be be much better than its predecessor, so I could write a nice review instead of a incoherent, This review contains unmarked spoilers.

In all honesty, I was hoping it would be be much better than its predecessor, so I could write a nice review instead of a incoherent, angry, babbling rant. And once in a while, one shall stumble across a book that makes their blood boil and their vision red. It was unfortunate that for me, I found several books like that this year.

But both of Ms. Tyler takes Cassidy with him to Texas when he attends college, and there she meets his cousin, Gage. First of all, Cassidy being abused does not belong in this book. Pushing the Limits. Anyway, model-handsome Tyler drags Cassidy to Texas, where she meets his hotter cousin Gage who even knew it was possible to get sexier than Tyler, right? You thought you knew insta-love? But what attracts them in the first place? How beautiful they both are, of course! I mean, they look better together than Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev!

Electricity my ass. Cassidy accepts. Who the actual fuck would even want to stay with an asshole who would blackmail and threaten and manipulate you for SEX?

This should be the end, right? Connection: in less than two weeks, Cassidy is making out with Connor wait, I thought she had a boyfriend? Then, like the rabbits they are, Gage and Cassi screw in more sexy places.

Like on their kitchen island. Watch out, innocent children! Stay out of that kitchen! Cassidy and Gage get married less than two months later because marriage is the most important thing in the world to them, and it must be done immediately. But, alas, she survives what else? You find out she and her second baby almost died in delivery - her heart literally stopped and started again.

But seriously? She had to almost freaking die? That is such crap! Characters Cassidy is like this Chihuahua I know called Fifi. Oh, and a serious damsel in distress. I have almost literally never encountered a heroine who was just so naive and empty and freaking idiotic. I wanted to grab her by the nonexistent balls and fling her around until the parts of her brain settled into the right places.

She is also gorgeously perfect, and beautiful, and supposed to be the girl all the guys want there are over seven guys that wuv her. Not the way I love you. But you only like me as a friend! She was so dumb and plain, I just really, really wanted to bang my head against a wall. Gage is such a boring, possessive piece of plank wood. The only thing he was good for was sex and telling everyone that Cassidy was his property. I have nothing to say about him except that he needs to get his dick under control, because he got a boner every chapter or so looking at her.

Tyler is a blackmailing, threatening, manipulative fuckface and the fact that his blackmail is completely written off and forgiven is despicable and disgusting. There was nothing attractive about all the shit he pulled and I hope he gets hit by a truck and dies. Connor is boring and blah, and he has no respect for Cassidy, who already has a boyfriend.

The other characters were bland and lifeless and bored the shit out of me. All the people falling head over heels for Cassidy got really old, really fast. Writing The writing in this is terrible. There are way too many time changes and it needs to slow down. I thought this was what an editor was for? Leave something to the imagination, gosh! Stop giving your characters a complete future.

Cassidy getting stung by a scorpion? This should have been an extra scene edited out! It was ridiculous. That boy has some problem with his penis. It needs to be checked out. Well, way more eye-darkening here! The dialogue was so choppy and the writing itself is simple to read, yet amateur and not good at all.

Complete pain in the ass. Wrap-up I hated this book with a burning, fiery passion.


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Trust me, I understand it, but I hate it for you. You need more people in your life. At least scars were normal on a person, and the worst of them were covered by my clothes, so I just looked like I was accident-prone. But at least try. New beginnings? They die only to come back and start a new life, right? This is us starting a new life, Cass.


From Ashes



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