Kiramar The two plot a surprise that will make the weekend, and her life, a lot more interestin This debut novel is available now! Wingmen Babypalooza Kindle Edition. This is written in third person, present tense, with a lot of step-by-step narration. Did anything ever happen with them? With their twentieth reunion approaching, she invites four of her closest friends from college for a weekend at her beach cabin on Whidbey Island.

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Make the beds in the guest rooms. Find blankets for the twin beds upstairs. Put extra towels in the downstairs bath. Ask John for firewood. Locate some fresh caught salmon and make a couscous salad.

Start restaurant review and article on huckleberry recipes. Check that Bessie has gas. As Maggie takes the shortcut through the woods she makes a mental list of everything she needs to get done today. The cool shadows of the trees are a nice break from the strong August sun. Her dog, Biscuit, dashes ahead of her after spotting a squirrel on the trail. Speaking of biscuits, Maggie makes an additional mental note: Buy ingredients for scones. The trees end, and she rejoins the main road.

Turning for home, Maggie sprints down the hill to her beach cabin. It still feels strange to call it hers even after over a year of owning it outright. So much has changed over the past few years. Yet the road beneath her feet, and the view over the bay and beyond Double Bluff to the Olympic Mountains, is the same from her childhood summers. A cargo ship heads north toward Admiralty Inlet and out to the Pacific Ocean.

Beyond the stray piles of sun-bleached driftwood and rock-strewn beach at the foot of the stairs, the tidal flat that gives Useless Bay its name lays exposed with the ebb tide. Shallow streams and deeper pools create continents of wet sand extending for nearly a mile out to the receding water.

With her long hair pulled into a messy bun after her shower and wearing her favorite black shorts with her ancient Evergreen geoduck T-shirt, she copies down her mental to-do list to prepare for her house guests. Biscuit romps on the lawn with Babe, the yellow Lab from next door. Can you put it in the fridge for me? Need a refill? John rents the house next door from his uncle. Their homes sit in a row of four similar modern, weathered cedar-shingled cabins on Sunlight Beach.

Most of the original, more modest houses along this stretch have been razed and replaced with larger summer homes for tech elite and other wealthy Seattle weekenders. There are worse things in the world than being a single woman of a certain age and having sweet eye candy next door who can also dispose of giant spiders and mice, and provide free crabs.

Over the last several years, the two have settled into a regular routine of coffee and walks on the beach when their schedules allow. Tall, with dark hair and matching beard, John does resemble the legendary lumberjack. A dog named Babe and his ever present plaid shirt only add to the similarity. Got up and took Biscuit for a run already. I wondered why you were showered and dressed. Nice T-shirt, by the way. Geoducks are for lovers, huh? Their easy-going friendship is one of the things she loves most about living on the beach year round.

Winters are quiet and still. Pajamas are practically a required uniform—along with yoga pants and fleece. Admit it, you love catching me wearing my PJs just so you can tease me. Your feistiness is one of your best traits. But speaking of yoga pants, the new wife in the compound at the end of the road was doing yoga again in the smallest shorts ever seen.










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