Mezimi I assume that you are already familiar with RxJava 2. The unidirectional workflow makes a lot of things easier to handle, e. Handling permission results on your own is a pain in the neck. There is not a lot of documentation about the MVI on Android but its easy to learn. But first of all, I am going to show you a quick overview what MVI is about. To return this state to the View the component has only one method render ViewState state that gets called with the state that gets created by the Model based on the changes that were applied.

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Fet AppAuth assumes code flow — not hybrid. Before actual using the app, you have at least to log in. Furthermore, it is required to define a redirect URI Activity.

I would suggest that if you have the time to try out both: Gas stations are depicted via markers to show current fuel price data based on the preferred gas station type. The ViewModel is now announced to the view. OkHttp Authorization Interceptor fetching the access token. Of course you do not need to use a library and can implement a set of base classes yourself. No-one is the bad guy. Util method to subscribe to onStart. Make use of the new petrol market transparency.

RxSharedPreferences fun init context: Login via smartphone browser. Map showing Benzin prices. You will detect at first glance if the petrol stations offering cheaper prices are open at that time. The app is now capable of exchanging an authorization code for an access token from the Identity Server. Further anvroid like cleaning up you memory for given lifecycle events can be for sure conducted by RxLifecycle as well.

The view forwards each interaction as intent. Subscribing to changed preferences. That saves a lot of time and offers less working points to make any crucial security mistakes, excellent! While we were configuring AppAuth last summer, the latest version was 0. There is barely a wide spread app which does not use preferences to customise the app experience. The Sprit app navigates you to the cheapest petrol station near you. Compare prices in your local area to the prices at your route destination anywhere in Germany or refill cost-effective near the motorway.

Handling permission results on your own is a pain in the neck. Comment article I have read the privacy policy and agree. Any price change of Diesel and Unleaded will be updated around the clock on your mobile in less than 5 minutes after being effective. Triggering the call is not a rocket science. I assume that you are already familiar with RxJava 2. In the meanwhile, it is 0. Nevertheless, this was just the tip of the iceberg. RxBinding is a library to wrap UI widgets in observables to subscribe to view events like clicks.

But how to achieve this is as an Android developer? If the user changes the required gas station type in his settings, the view shall be reactively updated. The business logic updates the current state and thereby the observing View. RxPermissions reduces the boilerplate code to a minimum.

The post has been updated. Account Options Sign in. Mosby MVI offers the benefit that RxJava is already established in its library calls and a loose coupling between UI and business logic is inflicted.

For now the crucial required library is RxJava. The address of the petrol station will be passed to your navigation app on your mobile automatically to bring you directly to your point of destination without loss of time. Instead of working with a proactive controller MVI works with the reactive component called intent.

The description how the data shall be mapped to the entry layout is defined by app: That sentence is wrong — IdentityServer behaves spec-compliant and is also official certified by the OpenID Foundation. TOP Related Posts.


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Hello Dominick, thx for the clarification! For now the crucial required androie is RxJava. Map showing now Diesel prices. It delivers you online the latest petrol prices to your mobile provided by the German office for petrolmarket transparency. AppAuth assumes code flow — not hybrid. I assume that you are already familiar with RxJava 2.


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