The work is a treatise on mathematical astronomy and it summarises five earlier astronomical treatises, namely the Surya Siddhanta , Romaka Siddhanta , Paulisa Siddhanta , Vasishtha Siddhanta and Paitamaha Siddhanta. Although the book is mostly about divination, it also includes a wide range of subjects other than divination. It covers wide-ranging subjects of human interest, including astronomy, planetary movements, eclipses, rainfall, clouds, architecture, growth of crops, manufacture of perfume, matrimony, domestic relations, gems, pearls, and rituals. The volume expounds on gemstone evaluation criterion found in the Garuda Purana, and elaborates on the sacred Nine Pearls from the same text. It contains chapters and is known as the "great compilation".

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Akashic records cognized by the great seers [maharishis] of ancient India. Your thumb print is scanned and emailed to Sth India and you speak directly with the translator and Nadi astrologer via live conference call. Thousands of years ago the great seers maharishis recorded the destiny of individual souls [jivas] for all time. They did this by cognizing the subtle mechanics of creation on the finest levels of their own awareness.

Goddess Parvathi Devi questioning Lord Shiva about the lives of her children on earth Bundle of nadi leaves containing life details of approx. Outside Vedha Bhavan, one of the main libraries in Vaitheeswarankovil These akashic records were written on palm leaves with an iron stylus.

The leaves are collected in bundles. The bundles containing these palm leaf records were handed down through generations. Over the years the collections have been retranslated, scattered and recollected. The bulk of the nadi records still in existence are housed here in 3 main libraries. From your thumb print Nadi Pundits can identify your leaf record and the details of your future life can be read with great accuracy.

Pandit Vijay is our senior Nadi Astrologer. He runs a successful practice in Chennai and his clients include politicians, government and industry leaders. With Pandit Vijay and his father. Hei is a rare blend of consummate astrological skill along with highly refined intuitive ability and decades of experience. A few hours before this picture was taken, Guruji had been guest of honor at an assembly of Tamil Nadu State Govt.

Jan 31 Unfortunately, due to health reasons, Kaliya Murthi can no longer offer consultations. His main role now is to support and mentor his son Vijay. The remedies are effected through 6 - 9 month yagyas performed on your behalf. Visits to certain ancient temples are also prescribed. My history of failed relationships and my age made it all seem impossible to me.

I did feel the yugyas were changing me inside and that they were removing a lot of negative emotion from the past, especially during my sleep and dreams. He has been interested in me for the past 6 months but I only recently started laughing and joking with him and caring for him far more than I expected since we seem to have so much in common.

All Anty said was that he was divorced and he is. Many thanks to those in India and to you. I am still in shock at this development but very, very happy. Very grateful, P, Australia Even though I decided to go ahead with the Nadi remedies, I had a good deal of scepticism. I was told that these remedies would take place on a particular date in the month. Suddenly difficulties that I had been experiencing for months lifted and I felt like a new person.

To say the least I was surprised a couple of days later to receive an email explaining that the Nadi remedies had been performed earlier than scheduled and in fact they were completed on the day that I experienced this profound change of being. It has been over 9 months now since the remedies were done and the difficulties I was experiencing before this time have not returned.

The best I have felt for ages. The phrase that keeps coming to mind is that "my heart is singing". Please pass on my deep appreciation to the Pundits involved. I actually went to all the Navagraha temples. What an amazing experience. I was in bliss, in extreme pain, up, down, sideways and GOD only knows what else Oh yes, I also had previously 4 yagyas done in Sringeri, and I honestly feel that I am not a person I used to be.

After all of that, Ruslan and I went and got another Nadi reading done. And you know what, my second reading was similar to the one that I got through you in Australia, but it was even more extreme compared to the first one.

I just think that the fact that you provide this service of nadi readings in Australia is just wonderful and amazing. If not for you, none of these things would have happened in my life. Or should I say, that you are a lovely instrument of God.


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