Although the roots of activities similar to graphic design span the history of humankind, the field as we know it today is a rather new term first coined by William Addison Dwiggins in At the hand of famous graphic designers, the industry has been growing and changing ever since. At the turn of the 20th century, designers across the disciplines of architectural, fashion, graphic, and product design searched for new forms of expression. Fed by concerns of technological and industrial advances, they explored the potential of abstract and reductive drawing and design as they sought a new aesthetic philosophy to address the changing social, economic, and cultural conditions. Having a desire for expressive and symbolic images, but also interested in the total visual organization of the picture plane, graphic design artists created a dialogue between communicative imagery and design form that generated the energy of pictorial graphics. In the years after the World War I, visual arts moved beyond the threshold of pictorial imagery towards the invention of pure form.

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He studied design, architect and history of art. Moreover, he worked as a European design consultant. His works had been exhibited in Zurich, Hamburg and Bern. His first step toward a professional career was his apprenticeship to Walter Diggleman, the designer and advertising consultant.

In , he opened his own Zurich studio which specialized in photography, graphics and exhibition design. He created a universal graphic expression employing a grid-based design exclusive of subjective feeling and extraneous illustration. The poster drew on the language of Constructivism to create a visual correlative to the structural harmonies of the music. Neuburg, R. Lohse and C. Vivarelli and remained its co-editor from to The journal focused on the Swiss Design and its publication for international readers.

Late s was marked as the time when he began his career as an art instructor. At the Kunstgewerbeschule, Zurich, he was appointed as a professor of graphic design. During early s, he filled the position of guest lecturer at the University of Osaka and Hochschule fur Gestaltung, Ulm. His contribution to numerous symposiums is considered valuable to graphic designing industry. Furthermore, he held multitude of one-man exhibitions globally.

The State of Zurich presented him a gold medal to honor his work and his cultural contribution, in In response, he explained that finding order in everything is rather a wishful thinking on his part. However, he always aspired to attain a distinct arrangement of typographic and pictorial elements. He claimed that the white reverse sides of his posters were his best work.

He was once influenced by Carl Jung but later grew withdrawn. He was of the view that the unconscious is part of the support structure of his work. In his work he aspired to communicate information about an idea, event or product as vividly as possible. In fact, his work is not intended to make a timeless statement but rather to invite his audience to form their own opinion on the subject.

The shapes and colors he incorporated in his work still inspire the graphic designers of current generation. He passed away on August 30,


Josef Müller-Brockmann

What does this have to do with software development? There will be well-defined relationships between each element. The overall purpose will be clear. Most people who have worked in web development have been forced into making visual choices somewhere down the line. Rigging up an interface without any appreciation of design basics is a bit like trying to hack together an application without any coding skill. It also serves to create a mutual ignorance where designers are technically naive and developers are aesthetically ignorant. Sometimes you just have to muck in and tart something up.


Grid Systems In Graphic Design Josef Muller Brockmann


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