As of entry point projects EPPs and 60 business opportunities have been identified by the laboratories. It is estimated that these initiatives will generate RM billion of national income annually and create up to 2. The NKEA is the key driver to the success of this program as such activities have the potential to contribute significantly to the growth of the economy of Malaysia. Economic activities that are categorised as NKRA will be prioritised in government planning and funds allocation. Policies will be amended to facilitate fast track implementation of such activities, including liberalising the market and removal of bottlenecks.

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Since the implementation, several measurable key results were announced such as nationwide crime reduced, violent crime cases cleared, police station ranking and more personnel mobilised to frontline duty.

Specific action plans have been laid out to achieve this goal. A key result aimed during the course of the GTP is to improve the internal perception of corruption. Corporate bodies in the country are also encouraged to sign a pledge to battle corruption in their business activities and operations in Malaysia known as The Corporate Integrity Pledge.

The GTP targets to create a holistic growth in the education sector by addressing fundamental issues like pre-school education and basic literacy and numeracy skills through the programmes announced. This is to emphasise the fact that a good leader can create credible results for the whole school. Rewards will be in the form of financial and non-financial recognition while underperformers will be sent to undergo development management and remedial programmes to assist their performance.

The efforts under this programme will take place following the School Performance Ranking. Approved plans will be provided with support tools for implementation. Besides defining and identifying the poor, the NKRA also aims to create a long term system that helps create opportunities for the underprivileged.

Among the initiatives are creating job opportunities, increasing basic wage, finding business opportunities and providing welfare assistance.

These elements are basic human rights and should be accessible to all Malaysians regardless of location and economic background. The availability of these facilities will also develop the socio-economic status of the rural population. The target is to build 11 times as many kilometres of roads, 2. The achievement of this will mean that Application of standard templates and parallel processes where applicable.

Collaborations amongst all state and federal government agencies have significantly improved with better communication and effective problem solution methodologies implemented through the years. Finding least cost and fast ways to deliver through usage of alternative sources like tube wells, gravity wells or rain water recovery for areas that are distant from reticulation networks piped water supplies.

Improving Urban Public transport[ edit ] Despite its necessity, the quality of urban transport was not commendable with constant complaints. This NKRA will address the issues of efficiency, connectivity and convenience of the urban public transport system. As a big achievement, the GTP is looking to create a higher demand for public transport by improving the overall availability and efficiency of the system. Furthermore, seamless connectivity is also aimed to be achieved to ensure key urban areas are well linked.

The Authority will tie in the 12 Ministries currently involved in the different aspects of public transport. These initiatives will be developed and adjusted to suit the requirements of the people. Some initiatives provide immediate relied while the rest were implemented to ensure that people experience an improving living condition in the long run.


Economic Transformation Programme



Government Transformation Programme (Malaysia)






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