As an inordinately shy and only child, it took all my courage to step up to the counter and ask a question of Lou, or one of the demonstrators, before deciding on my excruciatingly-deliberated purchase, which typically only totalled a few dollars. But then came the profound moment when Lou would take me aside, away from the crowd, and bestow the secret upon me—the highlight, and privilege, of the venture. The rest of the time, I was far too shy to make friends, or to ask questions of the experts gathered there, who so intimidated me. And of course, I could also return to the counter, over and over again, to watch the endless demonstrations of tricks from the bursting showcases. The group would take over a bunch of tables in the back in order to session well into the afternoon until dinnertime, or beyond. And thus was spawned a generation, or two, of close-up and card magicians.

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Who the hell is Harry Lorayne and what has he become? I used to know Harry Lorayne only as the publisher of the "Apocalypse", a magic magazine which ran monthly for 20 years.

This was only possible through the constant input by other magicians who regularly contributed their magic creations to be published by Harry Lorayne. While reading it two things became obvious. The way he "improved" on the tricks of others and constantly referred to his "mind" and his "knowledge" and that he is rarely wrong were not signs of modesty. Modesty is a word that totally not describes Harry Lorayne. Here are some others: Understatement, dignity, frugality and discreet.

Harry has always been a loud mouthed, opinionated man with an ego problem seemingly driven by inferiority complexes. But also a man who is smart, a workaholic, a very good magic teacher and someone with a great understanding of magic.

And that is just what I get when reading the Apocalypse. But things changed radically so it seems when Harry got an Internet connection. And a whole new ugly side of Harry Lorayne was brought to my attention.

Almost every post he does is a sales pitch for at least one of his books. So you can add sleazy salesman to the list. That is my opinion, simply because that is not a way a fair seller does business. It seems like Harry Lorayne has not understood how the Internet works. How "in the world" can you go wrong?!

Please, speak for yourself - and you might even pick up The Classic Collection, Vol. I heard that when we get older the ability to filter shit gets weaker and weaker. If this is so, Harry has lost it. He is just a naked man with no more secrets. His character traits are open for all to see and all we see is a grumpy old man who seems unable to cope with the fact that he is not the Messiah of magic and that his prime is over. So is he a WMF? I pity him.

And to those who are pissed off at him

ACI 332-10 PDF

Close-up Card Magic by Harry Lorayne

It has a simpe plot. It must not be confusing to those who watch. The modus operandi is simple. It is interesting. It has a surprising denouement sic.


Close-Up Card Magic



Take Two #61: Harry Lorayne


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