What do Dr. Their talents were noticed and encouraged by the rich and powerful, and this is how they too became world famous. They have achieved recognition of their talents, but what about you? You work hard, and are talented. Yet the kind of success you aspire to may still elude you.

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Tell me about Ginie and her husband, Reed Sayles. How long have they been married? Reed and Ginie Sayles have been married for over 30 years now. They married in Do Reed and Ginie have children together? Besides, we like being together. Everything is more fun; and we find it makes our marriage enormously fulfilling. The Hour Commitment is the one aspect of their marriage they both value the most. They dress in matching shirts, jackets, and slacks most of the time.

For dressy occasions or when Ginie wears a skirt, they wear coordinating colors or similar fabric. When Ginie was asked repeatedly to give a particular seminar, she turned it down for 2 years until Reed encouraged her to give seminars on the subject. And when Berkeley Books asked her to write a book about it, he pushed to get a preliminary first edition printed of her copyrighted work before signing the contract.

Reed also manages her finances, entirely. The scholarship is currently available to single parents who are enrolled in Angelo State University in West Texas. The University determines which students receive the scholarship funds: Mrs.

Sayles has nothing to do with selection of those who receive it. Does Ginie give money to single parents or help with their businesses or collaborate with them? The only charity she contributes to is the scholarship because she knows exactly where the money goes. And the only person she collaborates with on business is her husband; however, she is very proud of those individuals, especially single parents, who venture into their own businesses and she loves to see them succeed. Reed grew up in a West Texas family who had 2 ranches in Texas, 1 ranch in Australia, as well as oil and gas, and real estate holdings.

As for Reed, himself: He was educated in private universities and has a degree in economics and mathematics. He was attracted to oil and gas and spent over forty years in that industry. Not unusual in the oil business, finances frequently go up and down: Reed has experienced both and Ginie has stuck by him during some very hard times.

In one of her books, she points out that she would never leave Reed for financial reasons. Discover More.


How To Marry The Rich

That is, until Ginie Sayles came along, taking the world by storm with her eyebrow-raising teaching on How To Marry the Rich! With her "shocking," frank discussions of "marrying for money," Ginie Sayles has fascinated millions in her appearances on every major network and talk show for years. Ginie literally wrote the book on How To Marry the Rich, and she has travelled the world for years teaching her seminar in person. However, this seminar has been unavailable for a decade. Finally, you can now get the original seminar recording - unavailable for a decade - once again. Then one day, purely by chance, Julie meets Rick, a self-made owner of rental property. Rick makes her feel like she can finally relax and not worry about making ends meet.


How to marry the rich



How to Marry the Rich



Ginie Sayles | Author


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