Shelves: min-sex-content , med-sex-content , amusing , mm-alt-universe , under-rated , mm-sexual-tension , mm-futuristic , mm-alpha , mm-sci-fi Fun but-too-short sci-fi-alternate universe headlining an adversarial romance. Morrow does a good job writing this user friendly for sci-fi shy readers. Morrow keeps it simple without sacrificing fantastical elements. The humor was great The writing starts to suffer under such pressure. Great dialogue Fun but-too-short sci-fi-alternate universe headlining an adversarial romance.

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Shelves: pgs-or , bdsm , mm-romance , not-contemp-hist-para 2. The writing however, is pretty bad. Apr 18, adrienne rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Nobody, ever.

Shelves: m-m-fiction , waste-of-time Had this book only been free, I would have thought it a joke. Very oddly written. It felt like the plot and the actual story were the products of two entirely different individuals, and the sex scenes that of a third.

A few shining examples- from page 15, "A startling blaze of wondrous ardor leapt still higher inside him. How could I have known? How could I not have known? He knows it burns. Still he circles the flame because he must. And he knows he must go in. And burn. I mean, really?! Half the time I felt like I was reading a bodice-ripper and kept expecting to read about heaving bosoms or quivering members.

The rest of the time I was reading a half-assed mystery about terrifically inept FBI agents, Columbian and Guatemalan drug lords, a traitor, and the random reference to the DoD. The further into this book I got, the more quickly I ran out of synonyms for the word weird.

But I had to keep reading to see how the characters and the writing could contradict themselves even further. It was impossible for me to see past the flowery language, making it equally impossible for me to enjoy this book at all.

To top off the bizarre word choices, Martin cries in what seems like every chapter, despite his supposed badassedness. As soon as things become sexual between Jack and Martin, Martin instantly turns into this fluttery, whimpering girly-man. Martin is compared several times with a virgin on her wedding night, a wife, or a bride.

Is this an attempt at slang? Two words: condoms. Condoms were never mentioned, and lube only once out of every four or so sex scenes.

Oh, and when lube was used, it was a drop. Literally, a drop. Because a freaking drop of lube is very helpful. There are hazy references and you guessed it! Jack keeps a cat in the cabin where he only spends the weekends. I imagine animal lovers really enjoyed that mention of implied neglect. Jack and Martin are werewolves. But this has no real relevance to the story, except as an easy way for Martin to escape his captors. Why bother throwing in the paranormal? Perhaps the author thought to herself, "Blast!

How can Martin plausibly escape? I know! That is, until his boss summons him, yells at him for being in a gay bar, then orders him to get an HIV test. Completely unrealistic? Somewhat offensive? Oh yeah, just a bit. Or done any research. Or ever spoken to a man.


Lover & Commander


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Shadow of a Wolf



Beloved Captor


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