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Maurice A. Copy freely. Even though I am designated as the editor, the bulk of the work in the preparation of this text was done by two other men, namely G. Clint Yale and Maurice A. Thus they deserve most of the credit for the existence of this work. Clint Yale provided the base Tischendorf text, while Dr. Robinson provided a fully parsed and lemmatized Westcott-Hort text with some errors that were mutually corrected in the preparation of this edition.

I heartily thank them both. Preparation of the text Clint Yale has published two Tischendorf texts. The first was published in the Public Domain on the Internet in , and only contained the text — without diacritics, punctuation, or apparatus. The basis of the present work was originally Mr.

However, during the last stages of preparation of the text, Mr. Yale very graciously permitted me to distribute, in the Public Domain, an accentuated version based on his later Tischendorf, for which I am very grateful.

The Greek NT community owes him a debt of gratitude for this generosity. The text has been corrected though not thoroughly checked against a facsimile copy of Tischendorf. The text thus mostly conforms with the printed Tischendorf. Even in cases of clear typographical errors, the text has been retained as it was printed. As Mr. Having dealt with the text in detail, I can only confirm Mr.

Therefore, the decision was made to base the morphological analysis and lemmatization on Dr. A computer program was written to port over as much as possible of Dr. Only about words could not be ported over directly. Of these, only about words needed manual analyses, while about another word-forms were merely differences in spelling. An analytical lexicon totalling about word-forms was developed for those forms which were peculiar to Tischendorf, or which needed other special attention.

After the analysis was complete, numerous consistency-checks were made on the analysis. After this, all instances of ambiguity in either the lemma or the parsing of a word were checked, numbering about In checking these instances, linguistic searches were again run in cases that were not attributable to genuine morphological ambiguity. If it turned out that there was a mistake, it was corrected, and the search was run again to ensure that the error was gone. The surface forms were compared to the lemmas, and irregularities were weeded out.

Whenever a word-form was found which seemed not to be correct Greek, it was checked against the facsimile, and corrected if necessary. For the vast majority of words, the Qere is identical to the Kethiv. Assignment of lemmas The parsing always follows the Qere, not the Two lemmas are provided: One conforms to Kethiv. Robinson in all of his texts.

BlassDebrunner-Rehkopf and Blass-Debrunner-Funk were consulted on occasion, as were a number of introductory grammars. During the process described above, the editor had much pleasant interaction both with Professor Robinson and with Mr.

Yale, resulting in mutual correction of our respective databases. All remaining errors are, of course, my own responsibility. This distinction is present in versions 2. The Kethiv is that which is written in the printed Tischendorf. The Qere is what the editor thinks it should have been. Most often, this amounts to differences in accentuation or diacritics. In a few cases, it amounts to a change in the word itself e.





I Kaini Diathiki (Panayiotis Trembelas)



“Καινή Διαθήκη” – Πρωτότυπο κείμενο & Μετάφραση


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