There are 1 items available. Bausch and Lomb Optilume Balplan The Laborlux 11 is mechanically more basic that the research level Leitz models but the optical quality is exactly the same. Kohler illumination 12v 50 watt lighting with the space for an incident lighting source as well. The incident lighting system is a mercury fluorescence system with dichroic cubes suitable for FITC visualisation. Get the item you ordered or get your money back.

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Aimed at the undergraduate and post graduate markets, the ATC has excellent features including Kohler illumination. The ATC has coaxial coarse and fine focus control that moves the objective turret up and down rather than the stage.

Objectives x4, x10, x40 and x oil immersion with x10 wide field eyepieces Mechanical stage with drop down coaxial controls and double vernier scale. Focusing and centring substage condenser and the stand has a cleverly designed carrying handle at its top. Good condition apart from a few small paint chips along some of the edges of the base SOLD Leitz Teaching Head A rarely found accessory in the used market.

Four position phase rings with a bright field option. Iris diaphragm and phase rind adjustment controls. Condition good. Lateral movement adjusters and a numerical aperture of 0. Condition excellent. The Heine phase contrast system is unique to Leitz and developed in order to overcome patent issues. This particular unit has Pv phase objectives Apo x40 0.

Condenser auxiliary top lenses and a phase telescope. All original and complete in excellent condition. Original wooden case. It will fit most Dialux models and is in very good condition. Contains centring screws. Transmitted lighting system with the light path for incident illumination. The body work of this example is in very good condition, but the stage inevitably shows some signs of slides being slid on and off.

Objectives EF x4 0. Kohler illumination with a tungsten halogen light source. Periplan GF x10 eyepieces. Coaxial coarse and fine focus controls. Mechanical stage with the usual drop down controls and focusing substage. A fine microscope. An all original Leitz stand alone light source. Pole base stand with a lamp unit that has tilt, focus and a filter slot.

Original Leitz transformer unit. From the inversion of the markings it was probably from an inverted unit originally.

No iris diaphragm. A solid body frame, Kohler illumination, coaxial coarse and fine focus and an excellent optical performance are the hall marks of this model. This particular microscope is in very good condition and mechanically very sound. There are some small paint chips to the base and some scuffing to the stage surface as would be expected. The substage condenser has a flip top element to ensure even field illumination irrespective of the objective being used.

A fine microscope at a good price. Centre removable ring and holes for stage clips and a mechanical stage attachment. Chapter ring in perfect condition. Movement clamp. The light source, stage and turret not included. It is a plan x32 infinity corrected unit with a numerical aperture of 0. Its general condition is excellent. The body work and stage surface of this unit is very good for its age.

A bargain price to obtain a Leitz microscope. Kohler illumination, full mechanical stage with focusing condenser with flip top lens. Binocular head with x10 periplan eyepieces. All original at an excellent price.

X and Y movement controls and a dual vernier scale.


First-class photo documentation with the polarisation microscope Leitz Laborlux 11 POL S / 12 POL S







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