Dairg Atomic operations are another way to synchronize threads. I also made the text a bit brighter to lazj it easier to read. So remember not to fly too close to the sun with your new coding wings. A good description of the problem. Also, always remember to initialize your pointers.

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Kemuro Lesson 33 File Reading and Writing. These two buffers are the front and back buffer. Lesson 10 Color Keying. Lesson 02 Getting an Image on the Screen.

Is lazy foo an okay resource to learn SDL? This article is here to give you an idea where to go to help you out on your journey. This means you want your code to be in neat chunks that are each easy to debug and reuse. Lesson 01 Hello SDL. Download the media and source code for this tutorial here.

Read our FAQ page and search old posts before asking your question. Do not ask for or post links to pirated or illegal material. I may add more content in the future but for now I am focusing on maintaining the website. And guys, most of these issue I was e-mailed about had nothing to do with the site itself. Here will get the current states of the keyboard using get states. Typically, your working directory is the directory where your executable is at but some programs like Visual Studio change the working directory to where the vcxproj file is located.

A big new feature in SDL 2. After all the tiles are loaded we set the clip rectangles for the tile sprites. The Android Studio Windows set up tutorial is now up! And a mistake in the design is much more costly the larger the project is. Mutexes and conditions are yet another way to synchronize threads. Lesson 35 Window Events.

Be sure to include your education and years of experience to provide some context. See when you draw to the screen, you are not typically drawing to the image on the screen you see. If we only had a front buffer, we would be able to see the frame as things are being drawn to it which means we would see unfinished frames. Lesson 41 Bitmap Fonts. I am sure many of you heard how grueling the game industry can be.

There are those out there that try to help out by reporting bugs on the site. Lesson 18 Key States. TOP Related.


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In this tutorial we will be setting up the SDL library and creating our first window. Lesson 02 Now that we can get a window to appear, lets blit an image onto it. Lesson 07 A big new feature in SDL 2. Lesson 08 Another new feature in SDL 2. Lesson 09 SDL 2. Lesson 11 Using clip rendering, you can keep multiple images on one texture and render the part you need. Lesson 18 There are other ways to read the keys besides event polling.


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SDL中文教程 - 游戏编程入门



SDL游戏教程《Lazy Foo' Productions - Beginning Game Programming v2.0》中文版(2)


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