It contains pieces and eight minifigures. It was re-released as Black Seas Barracuda in Description The Black Seas Barracuda looks like a typical brig with two square-rigged masts. Although it has a gaff and a boom on the aft most mast, there is no spanker sail. The ship is armed with four cannons, two on each side. There are also four cargo bays, each covered with a hatch.

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The LEGO Pirates theme becomes very popular with its focus on the classic idea of Caribbean pirates pitting their wits against soldiers of colonial empires and occasionally encountering indigenous people. A classic story of good and evil needs firearms. Flintlock pistols and muskets are introduced for the first time. So are LEGO minifigures with multiple facial expressions with scruffy beards and thick moustaches, a peg-leg and hook hand, though the smiling expression still holds sway for years.

Specific elements for the construction of large sailing ship models are also introduced for the first time. From , the Governors are gradually replaced by red-coated Imperial Guards. Both the Governors and the Imperial Guards use two crossed cannons under a crown as their emblem.

Kahuka is the leader of the Islanders, a Polynesian-based sub-theme released in He wears a massive, carved red face mask which is topped with white feathers. His face is painted white and blue, and he wears a necklace made out of teeth and a large round medallion.

Around his waist, he wears a red sash and a grass skirt. The Islanders are considered neutral but are known to have pirate and imperial prisoners.

In , the Imperial Guards are replaced with the Imperial Armada with soldiers modeled on Spanish conquistadors of the 16th and 17th century. The minifigures are given a variety of different features including hair, eyepatches, beard and lipstick, and new leg and hand elements are introduced for the before mentioned hook and peg leg.

Captain Roger, also known as Captain Redbeard, is the chief antagonist. During the years of fighting, he has suffered three major injuries, which has caused him to wear an eye patch over his left eye, an iron hook where his left hand used to be and a wooden right leg.

Additional trademarks of the captain are the skull and crossed bones on his bicorn two-pointed hat , his distinctive gold-trimmed black frock coat and green scarf, and a colorful tropical parrot. Set no. Introducing the skeleton has been a long process, as the LEGO Group before launching has been discussing for the previous decade whether to introduce a dead LEGO minifigure.

However, the LEGO Group has no intention of glorifying war or encouraging violence, and therefore refuses to produce realistic weapons and military equipment with the risk of children recognizing these types of weapons from hostilities around the world.

Instead, the LEGO Group supports children, stimulating their imagination by launching only historical and fantasy weapons. The Pirates theme is the first to feature firearms such as flintlock pistols, muskets and cannons. These historical weapons corresponds well to the mentioned guideline concerning conflict and weapons.

In , new sets are released once again with five new sets instantly familiar although reconfiguring the Pirates theme with fresh building challenges. In addition, a Pirates chess set is released. The Imperial Flagship, set no.


LEGO SET 6285-1 - Black Seas Barracuda



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6285 Black Seas Barracuda


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