As with most speakers in this class—compact, one-piece systems that require AC power—the AudioStation offers bigger and better sound than most portable iPod speaker systems. At the same time, a few minor issues keep the AudioStation from being an obvious choice for everyone. But the most immediately-noticeable difference between the two is in their designs. Whereas the iYiYi features a retro look with a glossy finish and physical buttons, the AudioStation provides a more understated—and more attractive, in my opinion—appearance. Behind the mesh speaker panels hide four speaker drivers: left and right 1-inch tweeters and left and right 4-inch woofers. Each tweeter is powered by one of two 3-watt class-AB amplifiers, with each woofer powered by one of two watt class-D amps; total power for the AudioStation is a whopping—for a desktop system—80 watts.

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Made of white plastic with a black-metal speaker grill covering the front, left, and right sides, the AudioStation Express is Behind the black grill are left and right 2. On top is a Universal-design iPod dock.

Nine included inserts accommodate older dockable iPods; newer iPods each include the appropriate Universal adapter. The Anywhere also works with the iPhone, although not officially -- you get an onscreen alert about putting the iPhone in Airplane Mode to reduce interference.

An amber ring around the dial glows when the system is on; the ring also blinks when the Express detects a command from the include infrared remote control. Your iPod charges when the system is plugged into AC power, and turning off the Anywhere also turns off your iPod. The result is a midrange-heavy sound. Although that description might not seem flattering, keep in mind that many inexpensive audio systems emphasize treble resulting in "tinny" sound or produce boomy, cheap bass; a focus on the midrange is generally a more-listenable approach.

The AudioStation Express can run off 6 AA batteries for up to ten hours depending on volume levels, making the system somewhat portable. And although the Express is bulkier than many truly-portable systems, Logitech has included a neoprene soft case to carry the system. Openings at the top and back provide access to the iPod dock and rear jacks, respectively, so you can use the Express without removing it from the case; you just flip down the front cover. You can place the remote in the aforementioned storage slot on the Express while the system is in the case, but you then have to remove the Express from the case to access the remote.

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Logitech 970329-0403 - AudioStation Express For iPod Manuals & User Guides



Logitech AudioStation Express


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