By way of an excerpt, we bring you Chapter I was wrong. Mine was. I had seriously started thinking the worst. But the worst was yet to come, when we met that night. He took me to a lounge where we could see the sea and listen to some nice jazz music, and the atmosphere was lovely.

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Since Paper Princess helped me out of it, I decided to go for another light YA novel to pull me out completely from the slump. The sample of the book was so interesting that I knew this book would be a total page-turner so I decided to buy it right away. Sadly, the book did not live up to my expectations and slipped downwards with each chapter. Why do I say so? Read on to know what about the book disappointed me the most.

In her attempt at finding her true love and losing her virgin status, she meets people who change her perspective on love, life, men, women, and herself. I especially liked the first few chapters of the book where the protagonist Kaveri explains her dilemmas in life. The writer, Madhuri Banerjee perfectly captures the fears, aspirations, and expectations, of a thirty-year-old woman still waiting to find the right man for herself.

She has given a clear background explaining why Kaveri waited so long looking for the perfect mate. The writing may not impress someone obsessed with literature but it is eloquent enough to be called a decent read. Given the fact that Kaveri is an Indian living in India, it is not uncommon to be a virgin even beyond the age of I understand Kaveri lives alone and is lonely but what she does is not justified in any way.

Her friend suggests Kaveri to get into another relationship just to get over her ex-boyfriend. This may be an effective way to get over your past but I did not see how it helped Kaveri in the story. All she does is have quickies with any man she finds remotely attractive. It does not help her get over her heartbreak in any way. In what way does she feel liberated then?

What I feel here is that the writer probably wanted to kinda break the taboo around sex by showing a young woman indulging in some mindless sex without any inhibitions. I am not against this idea, but I not appreciative of how it was put forward in the story. The book only went downhill for me in the second half. Final View: This book is suitable only for those looking for a quick and light read. You can pick this book only if you have absolutely nothing to do.

It is interesting, entertaining, but also slightly frustrating. So it is better to not have high read any expectations from this one. You can check Amazon.


Madhuri Banerjee

He would discuss the arrangements of food, beverage, layout of chairs and stage with me. Not once did he try to ask me to have lunch with him. Then just as I told the Universe, I was ready, he asked me out to lunch. But honestly, I was quite excited!


Losing My Virginity and Other Dumb Ideas

She also manages her own production house, writes poetry when it rains, contributes to the IBN blog regularly, travels like a nomad, tweets endlessly and drinks pots of chai! She is also a mother, an ad film director and writes film scripts. Travel is extremely important for a writer or any creative person. It enables your mind to explore different regions, people, cultures, languages, history, food and traditions.

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