It then skips forward about a century, to show the high queen, Sorcha, ordering Devlin to kill a baby halfling, the child of the Gabriel, along with a warning that it should "never enter faerie". Devlin, meanwhile, has been told by Sorcha to stay in the mortal world to keep an eye on her son, Seth. Devlin and Ani meet at the crows nest, where she drains his energy and he leaves with a taste of her blood. Ani is different from other hounds, due to her ability to feed on both emotions and touch, and mortal and faery. Irial, the former dark king, has been performing tests to identify what about her is different and introduce it to his court to strengthen them.

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Start your review of Radiant Shadows Wicked Lovely, 4 Write a review Shelves: young-adult , paranormal , faeries , read , ya-paranormal Rating Clarification: 2. I plowed through FE in the hopes that it was the catalyst that would shift the storyline and bring the major players to an endgame of explosive proportions, but I felt I was back to square one with Radiant Shadows.

The first pages or so were a HUGE borefest. I kept nodding off as I trudged through a few pages at a time. Rating Clarification: 2.

This book included characters I cared nothing about when all I wanted was a glimpse of my fave of all the fae Keenan, Seth, Aislinn and Donia. And all I got on Keenan was that the Summer King was missing.

Very frustrating. For those Wicked Lovely fans that are reading these books for Seth fixes and squee moments, save your money and time. The only Seth, lip ring, tongue roll action you get is in the last 15 pages.

One more thing Spoiler Alert Okay, here goes Devlin is introduced into the storyline. We got a glimpse of him in Fragile Eternity as he was the fairie that almost killed Seth before Sorcha decided to make Seth her plaything. He is bound by loyalty to Sorcha where he is her High Court Assassin. About 50 pages summed up for you there. A little more about Ani. Hounds are born of the Wild Hunt and are creatures that ride the earth drawing out terror, exacting vengeance and unrestrained order and are bound by the Dark Court and their leader Gabriel.

The Hounds need touch and not emotion to sustain. The Dark Court fairies are nourished by swallowing dark emotions caused by the Hunt, as they require emotions and not touch to sustain. A little hidden secret though is that Ani, a halfling Hound, needs physical touch and dark emotion as nourishment, which is supposedly not possible, but ultimately can be useful.

Therefore, Irial begins to experiment on her blood to find a way to sustain the Dark Court fairies in order to replace his Ink Exchange experiment.

So basically That took about half the book to reveal BTW, and there you have it in a short paragraph. Shift in storyline Seth returns to the mortal world as part of his deal with Sorcha and in his absence, she wants him back Using Rae, Sorcha finds she can see Seth in the mortal world through a dreamscape and decides to sleep and dream about Seth until his return, which ultimately begins the decline of the High Court Fairie world.

Are you shaking your head in disbelief? Funny thing that, so was I. Saved you another pages of bore. Devlin wants to protect Ani, so they take off on a 6-day road trip, where they finally come to a motel, both fall asleep and have a dream invaded by Rae telling Dev they need to head back to Huntsdale and bring Seth back to the Fairie world so Sleeping Beauty Sorcha can wake up.

The most exciting thing they accomplished on that road trip was that Ani named her steed Barry. Woo hoo! So, Devlin vows to protect Ani at the risk of going against his mother-sisters. I hope Marr is done tinkering with the different courts and causing contrived strife. Keenan, Aislinn, Donia and Seth.


Radiant Shadows (Wicked Lovely Series #4)



Radiant Shadows




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