Highlights: 1. Faith is expectancyyou will always receive what you actually expect. The grateful person is great because he or she has turned on all the lights within. Life is a growth process and we grow through giving.

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One: The Truth About Substance The Truth is that the whole of God-substance is present in its entirety at every point in space and time.

I am created in substance , formed in substance and ceaselessly supported by substance. I am a richly endowed expression of an opulent Universe. There is always a sufficiency to do the things I want and need to do. Listen to EB elaborate on his point that God-substance is present in its entirety at every point in space and time at clip 2, entitled "Unity and Monism," in Great Teachers - Eckhart Another audio clip where EB elaborates on "In the universal realm, in which you live and have being, the whole of God is present at every point in space at the same time" is available in Volume 1 of Practical Metaphysics , clip 8, "Whereever Spirit is, the whole of Spirit must be.

God is not off somewhere in space where I must strain to reach Him to get Him to work a miracle for me "if I am lucky. He has a stake in me. He is not someone to reach for but a Presence to accept. As Walt Whitman sings: Henceforth I ask not good fortune. I myself am good fortune.

To watch EB say "every person has the capacity to demonstrate supply, to demonstrate prosperity, to demonstrate abundance" go to the end of clip 10, Prosperity" in On Wings of Truth. I do not see things as they are but as I am. Having seen and felt the end, I have willed the means to the realization of the end. Having conceived and deeply felt some thing or experience, I have actually created the condition in mind that makes a particular result inevitable.

It is fundamental law. You can watch EB elaborate on the relationship of our consciousness to our experience of life in multiple scenes in clip 6, The Law of Mind Action, in On Wings of Truth Four: If I Can Believe God substance is an ever-present creative resource which must flow forth when I create the conditions that make the result inevitable … Faith is not a vague process of believing in something … It is, rather, a positive act of turning on something.

My "faith" is consciousness centered in the universal Source My faith simply tunes into and turns on the divine flow that has always been present. I am a unique individualization of the Universal creative process. I can, because I AM! And the most effective way for me to accomplish this is by thanksgiving.

I give thanks, not for these things, but from the awareness that there is always an all-sufficiency even within the insufficiency. My grateful heart draws to itself great things. You see, gratitude is not for God. You are not obligated to thank God for your life, for your job, for your prosperity. However, giving thanks is an important state of your consciousness which keeps you in an awareness of oneness with divine flow. Six: Work and the Success Syndrome I let my work, whatever it may involve, be an outworking of the creative flow, engaged in through the sheer joy of fulfilling my divine nature.

I will prosper , and I should do so, but it will not be because I have "made money" in my job. The work in the job is the means by which I build a consciousness of giving, which in turn gives rise to an outworking or "receiving flow. I am going to earn my wings today! In this chapter, EB discusses how to overcome the anxiety caused by the success syndrome.

To hear EB elaborate on our nature as an "an outworking of the creative flow," listen to clip 7, "You are the expression of the creative process" in Practical Metaphysics, Volume 1. Seven: Reversing Financial Adversity Missing the mark is one of the ways in which I learn to hit the target.

Failure is a vital part of achieving success. Thus the tragedy can become a blessing, the disadvantage can become an advantage, the failure can become an opportunity, and the disappointment can become "His" appointment. I accept the reality of this situation, but not its permanence. Something better is on the way for me. In this chapter EB writes, "You are needed even as you have a need As you sit thinking, "If I could only find a job," some employer is at that very moment thinking, "If only we could locate the right person for this opening!

It is not a miracle that is needed to create a job for you but an expression of divine order in bringing you together with that which is looking for you.

Eight: Security in a Changing World Feeling is the key! Whatever financial measures I take, if I am motivated by fear or anxiety, then I mine my roadway into the future with booby traps. But I am secure, for I know who I am: a richly endowed child of God. I am secure in all I do, for I know my oneness with the divine process. I am secure in all I have, for I know my treasure is in my mind, not in my things. EB cautions us in this chapter that our desire for security can fill us with so much fear and anxiety that we "mine our roadway into the future with booby traps.

Suddenly the seemingly little supply becomes dynamic seed money, giving rise to unbelievable increase. More than money I need faith. I need a flow of creativity. I need ideas. I always have within me the inlet that may become the outlet to all there is in God. In my spiritual quest, I am seeking to establish myself in a unitive relationship with the divine flow.

I can never really achieve this level of consciousness until giving becomes the main thrust of my life. Tithing can be a way of getting into a giving consciousness, but it is not a substitute for a giving attitude.

For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again. I question that. But there is another side of this coin. As I achieve prosperity I at once also become an influence for abundance in the world.

I have the marvelous opportunity to usher in the new world order, in which people of awareness will live with what Thoreau calls: the license of a higher order of beings. Download Spiritual Economics study cards in Open Document.

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