The story is about a couple Krish and Ananya, who hail from two different states of India, Punjab and Tamil Nadu , respectively, who are deeply in love and want to marry. It is narrated from a first person point of view in a humorous tone, often taking digs at both Tamil and Punjabi cultures. The story begins in the IIM Ahmedabad mess hall where Krish, a Punjabi boy from Delhi sights a beautiful girl Ananya, a Tamilian from Chennai quarreling with the mess staff about the food. Ananya was tagged as the "Best girl of the fresher batch". They become friends within a few days.

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He writes regular columns for leading Indian dailies and also tours nationally and internationally speaking about India and its youth. He also addresses the youth as a motivational speaker. But his own love story is not as well-known. His own rockstar of a wife, Anusha Bhagat, who has built a successful career for herself and been a pillar of strength for Chetan, is firmly out of the limelight.

His father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Indian Army while his mother was a Government employee with the agriculture department. Anusha Suryanarayanan was born into a Brahmin family from Thanjavur and did her schooling in Chennai.

I tried very hard to fix it but beyond a point it was difficult. He was awarded the best outgoing student at IIM-A. The two years that they spent at IIM-A between to , grew their fondness for each other and cemented their relationship. Anusha says that she fell in love more with his sense of humor and the ability to spot the lighter things in any incident. They have both admitted that it was a stressful period in their lives, but eventually things worked out as per their wishes.

They then spent 11 years in Hong Kong where he worked as part of Deutsche Bank. But as his desire to write increased and they decided to return to India, Anusha was very supportive of the decision to quit and concentrate on writing full-time. From her side also, the biggest reservation was that I was not a Brahmin and I was not a Tamilian.

The cultural differences, which will also be imprinted in the psyches while growing up, can be quite hard to overcome if the right attitude is absent. People who are going to be together long term should also take responsibility for their own happiness. Between his travel commitments for his book and movie promotions and her busy work schedule as a COO of a multinational bank UBS , the relationship can be impacted.

They have twins — Ishaan and Shyam — who are both 9 years old now. Chetan feels that he is the more traditional of the two and would like his children to grow up with Indian values imbibed in them.

I guess it means I love my work but it should not be at the cost of family neglect. Their kids are growing up in the city and they have seen success and fame. I have enough degrees to get me some employment. Tell us in the comments below! Prior to that, he was a management consultant.

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