To shut down the terminal press the Cancel key until the terminal shuts down. The terminal will not shutdown if the power cord is connected. Remove the back cover of the unit. To select a particular function or setting, press its text field from the screen.

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Page 3 Page 3 37 4. Page 4: Before Use Page 4 37 1. If these instructions are not followed and the terminal is damaged it will void the warranty! If they are damaged they are not to be used anymore. Page 5: Pa-dss -standard Page 5 37 1. Page 6: Terminal Structure Page 6 37 1.

Page 7: Technical Data Page 7 37 1. Display: x 64 pixel graphical white backlit LCD with backlighting; supports up to 8 lines x 21 characters Swipe card reader: Triple track tracks 1, 2, 3 , high coercivity, bi-directional Page 8: Connecting The Cables Page 8 37 1.

Connect the adapter to the main power cord, the power cord to the power supply and the plug to the electrical outlet. The other end of the cable is connected either to a broadband modem or plug. Page Battery Page 10 37 1. To remove the battery, press the locking tab and pull the battery from its slot. During normal use, the battery should be loaded when its indicator shows 1 bar or less.

The terminal starts charging the battery when it is connected to the power cord. Page Sim-card Page 11 37 1. The SIM-card is placed beneath the battery so that the chip is facing down and the folded corner points downwards.

Page Switching The Paper Page 12 37 1. To switch capital letters into lower case letters, press LILA3. Page Settings Page 14 37 2. Some of the listed settings are explained in later sections. The sections are marked in brackets.

Page Cashier Number Page 15 37 2. The cashier number is printed on every receipt so that it is easy to discover which transaction has been done with which terminal in any problem cases. Page Audit Log Ip Page 16 37 2. The terminal logs include error and update information etc.

To input your desired IP-address, select the Settings icon from the screen and press enter. Choose Edit, and navigate down with the arrow icon and select Audit log IP. Page Daily Use Page 17 37 4. Page Swipe Card Transactions Page 18 37 4. This requires that the terminals are linked to the Point reporting service. Accept by pressing Enter. Page Online Batch Page 21 37 memory until the next batch sending.

It is recommended to use the online batch-function. The terminal prints out a report of the current days transactions. Different card types are grouped separately on the receipt. The terminal resets the report after sending the batch from the terminal. Page Blacklist Page 23 37 4. You can also download the blacklist manually if it is missing from the terminal.

Acknowledge the issues from Point reporting or from the terminal. Page Report Explanations Page 25 37 4. Page 26 Page 26 37 When a transaction is declined at the authorization centre a declining code is printed on the receipt.

This code tells you the reason why it has been declined. The transaction is declined by a notification given by the bank or the credit card company. Accepted revocation of authorization, try again System error, authorization not successful False transaction Do the transaction again Form fault, try again Unable to route the transaction to recipient Temporary usage brake in the card donors system Page Special Functions Page 28 37 5.

Cash receipts are also seen on batch reports. Cash receipt is activated from the EDIT menu 2. Page Cash Withdraw Page 29 37 5. A transaction is made, and the customer receives cash from the register. Otherwise, press Cancel. When making a transaction, the terminal asks to choose a VAT-rate for the transaction.

Page Product Version Page 32 37 5. In this version receipts print out details of the sold products. This version can replace receipts from cash registers. In order to update your terminal to this version, please contact Point. Page 33 Page 33 37 a Add product Product id: type the products number and press Enter. Product name: Type the product name and press enter.

To get letters, first press the number keys, after which press the alpha-button middle of the lila-buttons repeatedly until the correct character is on the screen. Page Trouble Shooting Page 34 37 The terminal prints out the receipts. Choose cash receipt void Add products: press enter and type the product number.

Units: Type the unit amount for this product and press enter. Price per unit: Type the price for the product and press enter. See instructions for downloading the blacklist 4. Use the magnetic strip reader. Use the chip reader. Check that the SIM-card is properly placed in its slot.

Page Service Page 37 37 6. Do not, under any circumstances, try to fix the terminal by yourself. The terminal should be always delivered to the maintenance service.


Verifone Manuals

Page Electrical Considerations terminal comes equipped with tamper-evident labels. If a label or component appears damaged, please notify the shipping company and your VeriFone representative or service provider immediately. Save the shipping carton and packing material for future repacking or moving the terminal. Your NOTE terminal may have a different configuration. The following devices may or may not be present: a smart card reader, or zero or three MSAM cardholders.


Verifone VX610 Manual Preview





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